Guild Name Placid
Guild Level 3
Number of Members 127

Information and history

Placid is a level 3 guild on the Dreamweaver server. The guild was formed in May, 2009 by a group of friends that had migrated to Perfect World from Flyff. From the start, we knew that we wanted to keep the tone of the guild informal and friendly, and work hard together towards achieving end game goals. The guild is predominantly made up of mature players (aged 20+), although there are a few young whippersnappers around.

The purpose of the guild is to provide a friendly, helpful environment in which people can enjoy the game. We're not big on pressuring people to level up fast, and this perhaps is one of our main attractions. This doesn't mean that we don't intend on getting the most out of the game however, and we fully intend to take part in events such as Territory Wars etc when levels within the guild have shifted to the higher end of the spectrum, thus giving members the chance to experience every aspect of the game.


Leader - Maho_/NomNom

Director - Ophida/Dons

Marhsal - FatherTed/Castalio
Marshal - Sukoshi/Sanuye
Marshal - jonnykins
Marshal - Dextar

Executor - Bebisito/Trousers
Executor - Bebisita/Weenie
Executor - XxLady_XelxX
Executor - LTraveller/NamiOto
Executor - Unjust
Executor - ArashiNoHime
Executor - Adrasteia



The guild offers help towards killing key monsters required to complete quests which are perhaps too difficult for a single member to take on themselves. There is also a wealth of information bursting to escape our members and provide you with all the information you need to be a pro Perfect World player!

Boss Days

Each Saturday, the higher levels in the guild are asked to help others out by assisting them in killing their boss monsters. There is a sign up sheet on the guild forums for you to make your requirements known. If a suitable team is not available to help you on the Saturday you sign up for, you can be sure that help will be available as soon as possible afterwards!

FB runs

There are many members in the guild that are very experienced in running FBs (Call to Duty). This means that you will have the help and understanding that you need to complete your FB instance. All drops, including darkness stamps and other random things dropped in the dungeon, are yours to keep (providing that the party is set on free distribution - darkness stamps are unable to be traded, so if the party is on random, you might lose one to someone else). You will not find this level of help outside of the guild!


Placid has its own forums where people can write both informative and random stuff. It's a happy mix of off-topic and important information that should be a regular visit to any member serious about the guild.


There is a ventrilo server available to guild members and close friends, kindly paid for and provided by Dan (Kibbler). Any donations are gratefully received - both in game and out. PM him on the forums for further information.

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