Name ArashiNoHime
Race Untamed
Class Venomancer
Level 80

Personal Information

Hiya, I'm Allison (aka Alli/Alley Cat) and I am a Michigander *points to hand map* When I'm not gaming, I tend to be fruitfully working away at comics and other art projects. I'm a big fan of anime and comics in general, so I tend to spend a lot of time involved with those. I've an AFA as of this past May, and hope to continue my learning in a sequintial art's field.

Game Philosophy

My general rule of thumb with any game seems to be if my level is higher, then I can win. Though in the case of this game it does not seem to be the case. I'm not obsessed with leveling every other day, and I tend not to get too upset over lost exp. I also have a habbit of not follow build/stat guides that exist (often regretting it later). As I'm still new to this particular MMO, I'm still getting my barings as to intuitively tell what it is I should focus on. Guess I'm just having too much fun doing it my own way ;)


Arashi is a Heavy Armor veno, one I originally played without giving fox skills a second thought. Recently I've given foxform a lot of love, and am working towards a more foxform geared veno. With recent reset stats, hopefully things will fall together for this gal.


RAGE: My Torgirn Brave, he's been around with my since my level 30's. He's my tank, he's my bud XD. Further more, he's bigger than you and can beat you up.

Sugah: My Petite Sawfly that I've leveled like a mad woman to replace a dissatisfying foxwing. So far the effort has been well worth it.

Kin-gali: My Kowlin, belovedly named in reference to king cheetahs. She's my A-1 puller.

Celestial Plumpfish: Thinking about naming this one Planktin

Craft Skills

Blacksmith: 4
Tailor: 4
Craftsman: 4
Apothecary: 5

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