Asoteric Runewolf



This boss should be tanked by the barbarian.
For the most part, he is easy. However, he has a nasty AoE that can easily one hit KO anyone within range.
Fortunately, the AoE comes with plenty of warning. Make sure you don't have general chat filtered, as you want to look out for the below message:


When you see this, you want to be out of range, and have your pet summoned (veno) before he says "SLASH".
Some venos don't bother using a pet, as it seems a hassle to bring it out and stow it constantly. However, with practice it's easy.
Cleric need only worry about healing the tank/reviving people that don't move out the way quickly enough.
Ranged attackers can generally avoid the AoE and keep attacking if they stay at maxed range.


Element: Water, weak Earth
HP: 879,260
Physical Attack: 1956 - 2347
Magic Attack: 2738 - 3285
Physical Defence: 1882
Magic Defence: Metal: 2330, Wood: 2330, Water: 3786, Fire: 2330, Earth: 1359 [2]

1. Thanks again to Escorian for the use of your picture
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