Asoteric Runephoenix



This is a flying boss, so it must first be lured down from the sky. A ranged attacker or barb/BM+bow should do this.
This boss has several attacks:

  • Chi drain
  • HP drain
  • AoE seal (unable to move/attack)

Many groups like to let the herc tank this boss, as the chi drain and seal make it difficult for the barb to hold aggro well. It is also less disasterous if the herc dies, than if the barb dies. Cleric should throw out a party heal from time to time.
Once the bird is dead, kill the orb to proceed [1]



Element: Water, weak Earth
HP: 943, 046
Physical Attack: 2039 - 2446
Magic Attack: 2854 - 3424
Physical Defence: 1968
Magic Defence: Metal: 2357, Wood: 2357, Water: 3830, Fire: 2357, Earth: 1375 [2]

1. Thanks to Escorian for picture
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