Name Bebisita / Weenie
Race Untamed / Winged Elf
Class Venomancer / Archer
Level 81 / 5x

The Venomancer

My first character, Bebisita, the one with the fat ass, is where my nickname Beba derives from. It was a cute way to distinguish between my boyfriend, Bebisito, and I with less of a headache.
Sometimes I wonder if we should have gone with different names, but I think the mistaking of characters suits us.
We've been together for a long time, so often times we get caught saying the same thing. Our greatest of great minds think alike. I don't think anyone notices, but we yell at each other when it happens. =u=

Bebo and I have played a whole slew of online games, and PWi has really stood out amongst the rest for us. We generally stick to ourselves and don't play with others, but the need for a faction became obvious to us around level 40.
We tried a faction for a few days, and that was a fiasco. Shortly we were recruited by another faction. We spent quite some time there and grew ourselves while contributing to the faction as well. It was in that faction where we met our good friend, Nana. Together, we form the alliance known as the three musketeers. You didn't know that was us, but it is. We did everything and nothing together, as we still do when time allows!

Along the way, we made friends with a drunken priest who kept hitting on me. Over time, we became acquainted with his faction-mates. When we were finally won over by them, we joined Placid, and the rest is history!
I'm glad that we joined the guild when we did, because we've been able to see Placid grow. Sure, I did nothing to help it along, but the people running the show are making it happen, for reals.

On the name Bebisita
If you're wondering, the name does in fact stem from the word Bebis, meaning baby. However, Bebo and I didn't KNOW bebis was a real word meaning baby in another language. It was something of a joke we had.
A lot of people end up thinking we're illiterate Hispanic/Spanish players as well, since there are words like "bebecito" and "bebecita." It's not as if there are any literate Latin0z playing MMOs anyway. (I'm allowed to say that).

The Archer

Lately I've been playing my archer, Weenie, more than I play on my venomancer. Not sure why, but I've taken a strong liking to the archer class. Perhaps because it's somewhat of a selfish class, where as venomancers really are a very helpful class.

However, I don't have much time to play at all due to school.

But I will inevitably outlevel Sanubjye once I have the time. ^_^

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