Name Bijorin
Race Winged Elf
Class Cleric
Level 54

Personal Information

See Tekril.

Character Information

Bijorin got her name from a character from Lerk's message board RPG named Bijorin Tepermin, who in the story was a timid girl who was raised in a cult to be offered as a virgin sacrifice.

The PWI character herself has light blue hair, aqua-colored eyes, a meek expression, and sports her trademark sand-colored dress. It's extremely poofy below the waist because she was created with a fat ass. =p

Not to be confused with Bij_Cleric.


Since I am still learning the ropes of being a Cleric, I may do some painfully obvious newb stuff, such as leveling Celestial Guardian's Seal too early. I try my best in dungeons though, and usually manage to keep everyone alive.

Craft Skills

Blacksmith: 1
Tailor: 1
Craftsman: 1
Apothecary: 3

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