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Greetings and salutations ladies and gents! =D

Since the beginning of my Clerical career, I've made it a point to poke things. Big mobs…small mobs…mobs that have dropped me in less time than it took to type this sentence. But that hasn't stopped me…ever. Why you ask?

Well for one thing…bragging rights are always fun. >=D

But more importantly…I have personal experience that I can use to write up a nifty little boss FAQ, instead of feeling like I'm just talking out of my ass. Now then…

The following is a list of all the bosses I've encountered up to this point. Some of them weren't even required for any of my quests yet either, due to either being meant for higher level toons, or for being for peeps of a totally different race. I've gone out of my way to bring you this information…so you better be thankful dammit! D=<

Er…AHEM. Now then…let's get to the good stuff shall we? For simplicities sake, I'm going to try to divide this up as best I can between Quest Bosses (by level…but not necessarily in any particular order) encountered on the world map (including Secret Passage and Nightscream Island), Instanced Bosses, and maybe a World Boss or two. So with intros out of the way…

Quest Bosses (Level 1-19)


Withered Dryad (Level 15)
HP: 5875
Physical Attack: 79-96
Magical Attack: 111-136
Element: Wood
Attacks: Physical Attack (Melee), Magic Attack (Ranged, Single Target, Wood Element)
~ In all honesty…if you have trouble with this dude, I'll laugh. He may take longer to kill, but he's certainly manageable unless you're taking him on naked. And even then it's still more than manageable. No special tricks or tactics needed here…just beat it's face in. Wizzies will have it just as easy, as magic attacks have much longer intervals between each hit. m


Yi Chinglin's Soul (Level 14)
HP: 5626
Physical Attack: 41-81
Magical Attack: 41-81
Element: None
Attacks: Physical Attack (Ranged)
~ A archer mob…appropriate since both classes that have to fight it are ranged classes. This one can actually be kind of a pain if you don't keep up on your gear, as both Clerics and Archers have relatively low physical defense in relation to other classes. Still not too much of a pain though. If the damage gets to be too much even with heals and defensive skills, just stay as close to her as you can to cut the damage (Both Archers and Archer-class mobs suffer a 50% damage reduction at close range). Be forewarned, however, that she (as well as most Archer-class mobs) will launch a last attack after she drops. Keep your HP high near the end to avoid a nasty surprise.

Seduced Elf (Level 15)
HP: 5875
Physical Attack: 79-96
Magical Attack: 111-136
Element: Wood
Attacks: Physical Attack (Melee), Magic Attack (Ranged, Single Target, Metal Element)
~ Pretty much identical to Withered Dryad in terms of stats, but with damage. Also, it's a flying mob…but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Archers might find him a pain, due to taking more damage from it's metal spells, but it shouldn't be anything you can't pot through. Bombard him with metal attacks of your own and he'll drop like a ton of bricks.

Venomancer Siren (Level 15)
HP: 6530
Physical Attack: 79-96
Magical Attack: 111-136
Element: None
Attacks: Physical Attack (Ranged)
~ Pretty much the same as Yi Chinglin's Soul, but with higher stats. Still not much too much of a problem. The biggest issue here, however, is that it's within close enough proximity to Seduced Elf that you may aggro the both of them if you're not patient. Wait until they float apart to pick them off one at a time.


At current, I couldn't find information regarding a 'true' boss fight anywhere in the bits that I've read. However, they do have quests that have them killing Darkbreed Wolfkin earlier than others…so that could be considered a boss fight in and of itself, as they're an extremely dangerous Elite-class mob.

Quest Bosses (Level 20-29)

Elder Tortoise (Level 23)
HP: 13585
Physical Attack: 92-183
Magical Attack: 92-184
Element: Water
Attacks: Physical Attack (Melee)
~ Higher statistical jump this time…but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle at this point. He bashes you, you bash him…one of you dies eventually. XD

Charr (Level 26)
HP: 16169
Physical Attack: 105-209
Magical Attack: 105-209
Element: Water
Attacks: Physical Attack (Melee), Magical Attack (Ranged, Single Target, Water Element, Inflicts Slow)
~ Charr's not exactly a wimp, but the biggest threat during this fight actually comes from the several Shanlang Cutlasses that spawn nearby. If you're not careful, they'll get the jump on you and overwhelm you through sheer numbers. For best results, take to the roof of one of the tents nearby and just snipe him. The magic he spews doesn't really hit all that hard at all.

Bloodraged Cadaver (Level 28)
HP: 19694
Physical Attack: 123-244
Magical Attack: 123-244
Element: Wood
Attacks: Physical Attack (Melee), HP Drain (Magic Attack, Ranged, Wood Element, Damage Dealt is recovered by the user), Debuff (Magic, Ranged, Reduces Wood Defense)
~ Be forewarned that this boss is followed by two adds that use a similar-but-weaker HP drain ability. Take them out first or they're likely to be too much to handle after the boss drops your Wood Defense when it's HP gets low. Other than that, it's not much of a problem to take him out before he drains you dry.

Haggist Geezlot (Level 35)
HP: 26938
Physical Attack: 150-296
Magical Attack: 150-297
Element: Wood
Attacks: Physical Attack (Melee), Debuff (Magic, Ranged, Inflicts Slow)
~ Comes pre-equipped with 2 adds that will attempt to stack poison DoTs on you throughout the fight if you leave them alone. Take them out first to avoid any casualties. Especially at lower levels. After that, it's a simple slugfest with the boss. Shouldn't be that hard at all, unless you don't have the stats to take his hits. As a side note, while he slow enough to kite effectively, it would be recommended to use the terrain to do so, as he will inflict Slow from a range, then run up and bash you.

Florafang (Level 30)
HP: 20691
Physical Attack: 126-250
Magical Attack: 126-251
Element: Wood
Attacks: Physical Attack (Melee), Poison DoT (Ranged)
~ Comes with 2 guards that will try to bash your brains in as she hangs back and stacks poison on you. This can add up really fast, so pull the adds away from her and deal with them one at a time. After that, it's simply a matter of killing her before her poison kills you (unless you're a Cleric…then this fight is practically impossible to lose after you take away her minions). Physical classes should rush her and force her into melee asap.

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