FatherTed's Guide to Pulling a Cleric Out of Your Ass

*Note - Just using the basic member format until I can do a llittle research and make it pretty with pictures and whatnot. I can't figure out how to make a main link page for the guides yet, so hopefully this can be moved into a subsection later. Also, everything here is off the top of my head, so research will change some stuff later.

The Basics

Welcome to the painful world of clericing. Being a cleric is a fairly difficult, completely thankless job. Please reconsider and roll a wizzie instead. If you decide to stick with a cleric, buy plenty of alcohol.

Stat Builds

There are four main stat builds for clerics
- Full magic clerics are based towards max healing power and max magical damage.
Build - 9 magic 1 str every 2 levels. Strength is only added for equip requirements and will cap around 54
Pro - Mobs die fast and tanks get strong heals.
Con - You also die fast if you aren't careful. Low HP also inhibits your ability to do RBs without spending vast sums of money on your EQ.

- Medium vit builds sacrifice a bit of damage and healing power in order to increase survivability. In my experience, such a cleric would likely cap vit at about 50.
Build - 8 magic 1 str 1 vit every 2 levels. Str again is capped around 54 and vit will be capped around 50-60 depending on the player.
Pro - Still kills fast and heals well. More likely to survive in-case of drawing agro. Reduces need for HP shards in EQ slightly.
Con - Lowers the power of your healing spells. Also causes more dependency on MP pots.

- High vit builds are all about survivability. Anywhere from 80-100 vit shows a heavy decrease in your healing skills and damage, but for grinding allows you to tank many more mobs, and also gives you a much better shot at surviving in TTs and RBs
Build - 6/7 magic 2-3 vit 1 str every 2 levels. Again str cap remains 54, while the vit cap is raised to between 80-100.
Pro - Increased survivablity. Greatly reduces reliance on HP shards.
Con - Lowers damage and healing power a lot.

-Light Armor clerics are about crit rate and increased physical resistance.
Build - 6 Magic 2 Str 2 Dex
Pro - Increased physical defense and greatly increased crit rate. Good armor for a LA cleric will likely be a good deal cheaper than good arcane eq.
Con - Healing power and not crit attack damage is moderately nerfed. Magic defense is lowered significantly
(Thanks to Sean for LA input)

-Rarely you will find a Heavy Armor cleric. They kick ass.
Build - Hell if I know. Likely in the area of 7 str 1 vit 2 magic every other level?
Pro - You get to whack mobs with real weapons. Heavy armor greatly increases your physical defense.
Con - Non-existant damage and healing power is very low. Takes stats away from magic, lowering mp. Requires switching weapons in order to cast heals.

Cleric Skills 1.0

Playing styles

Full Attack Clerics

- Differing opinions on the meaning of FAC's.
The original FAC was based on the skill set of the cleric. A full attack cleric would not level any healing spells or revive, instead focusing entirely on attack spells, self buffs, and seals.
Recently FAC is being used to refer to a full magic build cleric, regardless of their skill set. The modern FAC in my opinion is equivalent to what is referred to as a Hybrid Cleric.

Full Support Clerics

- Refers to clerics who do not level attack spells in order to focus entirely on healing.

'Hybrid' Clerics

- Refers to clerics who choose not to focus on one side or the other, instead working on both attacking and healing abilities.


General Advice

- Early on in the game, I suggest not worrying about your EQ. Stick with quest rewards and drops until lvl 30. At level 30 use the rank gear from the Commander in Chief. This armor should easily get you up until your mid 40s without issue.
- Don't go nuts to get the lvl 50 supply stash sword. The money spent on the hammer is better used buying a lvl 43 WoF, which will easily get you to 60.
- Sharding is up to personal preference. Personally I went full HP shards up till level 90, then switched to a balance of HP and Phys Defense.
- Be a stickler with element resistances. I personally suggest not using any armor without all 5 resistances, unless it has absolutely amazing added stats.


-Wands : Most balanced damage among magic weapons Ex. 426-438 magic attack
-Magic Swords : Slightly lower low end damage, moderately high end damage. Ex. 410-510 magic attack
-Patakas : Very low low end damage, highest high end damage. Ex. 336-636 magic attack
-Glaives : Slightly lower low end damage, very high high end damage. Ex. 396-594 magic attack
*All stats taken from lvl 60-69 NPC weapons.

TT weapons


Legendary Weapons

Lunar Glade Weapons

Warsoul Weapons


Your armor choice clearly depends on your build and your playing style. While all clerics will want + magic stats, the other goals will vary by build.


*Arcane armors are used by full magic and the vit builds.*
Full magic - As a full magic build you will be looking for armors with +phys defense and + HP (and -channeling if you can find it)
Medium vit - As a 50-60 vit build, you'll be most interested in + magic, but I would suggest looking more for + HP than + phys defense
High vit - + Mag is vital here

Light Armor

Focus on + magic, + HP, + crit, and - channeling. LA channeling gear tends to be much cheaper than arcane channeling but + crit will tend to be more expensive.

Heavy Armor

Hell if I know


Again, up to personal choice.
I wouldn't suggest breaking your bank going for legendary accessories early on as you can often find cheaper blue alternatives for a fraction of the cost.
I would advise carrying multiple types of accessories with you. i.e. both elemental and physical belts and necklaces. This allows you to switch at need.

Basic Grinding Advice

- Take it slow. Hurrying between mobs can easily lead to unexpected deaths, or using pots you hadn't intended to.
- Find a system that works for you. Personally I avoid macros, but if you find a good set of skills, macros can be a bit easier.
- You have heals, but don't be afraid to pop an HP pot here and there if you are under attack.

Support Methods

-One of the most important things to learn as a new cleric supporting is to learn what causes you to pull agro.
-Never be afraid to demand patience from party members.
-When healing at aoe bosses, almost always keep the barb between you and the boss and heal from max distance. Keep party members close to you.
-Learn which bosses debuff and what signs they give before using debuffs. A quick purify is often the difference between success and a party wipe.
-Other than yourself, tanks are always the priority
- Get drunk

Useful Apothecary Pots


Life powder (15 Nectar + 10 Golden Herbs) +50 HP recovery for 10 minutes can be a lifesaver at lower levels, severely cutting down on meditating times and reducing reliance on NPC pots. Can be used at level 20.


Focus Powder (15 Crane Herbs + 10 Salvia Root) has always been my lifeblood from level 30 through 60ish. +50 MP recovery per second out of battle, 25 during battle increases your efficiency massively. Can be used at level 30.


Jade powder (10 Realgar and 5 Golden Herbs) is good at lower levels for those of us who hate meditating. Recovers 3,000 MP over 30 seconds. Reduces the amount of NPC pots you need to use, and allows you to save a great deal of money. Can be used at level 30.


Stream Powder (15 Tranquilla Herbs and 10 Salvia Root) Increases running speed by 70% for 10 seconds. Nice to help you keep up with your faster party members during instances. Can be used at level 30.


Soothing Orb (15 Black Henbane + 10 Tuckahoe) Recovers 6,000 mp over 30 seconds. Upgrade from Jade powders. Can be used at level 45.


Flourish Orb (20 Fleece Flower Root + 15 Tuckahoe) +50 HP/MP recovery for 10 minutes. Can be used at level 45.


Arctic Orb (15 Tulip + 10 Serpentine Herbs) Recovers 9,000 MP over 30 seconds. Upgrade from Soothing Orb. Can be used at level 60.


Concentrate Orb (20 Butterfly Orb + 15 Serpentine Herb) +100MP recovery for 10 minutes. Can be used at level 60.


Useful Genie skills

Holy Path - a must have for clerics. Not only from escaping a party wipe, but for keeping up with fast kitties and foxes.
Tree of Protection - a life saver in a bad situation. Might give you the few seconds you need to survive till a tank can grab aggro off of you.
Earthquake - useful for solo grinding because of knockback and possibility to cancel magic attacks
Healing Ripple of Rebirth - Limited usefulness because it is only able to be cast underwater, but is great for water grinding/bosses. Recovers a fixed percentage of MP and HP for you and nearby party members.
(Thanks again to Sean for genie input)

Things to remember

- YOU are the most vital member of any dungeon team. You can res them - they can't res you. Your survival comes before anyone else. That said, always carry a ress scroll or two when in instances. This means if needed, let people die.
- Learn the various ways a cleric can draw aggro.
- When in a party, always check members current buffs before casting 'hp/mp recovery buff' This buff WILL overwrite any pots they are using.
- Do not buff/res people at random unless they ask (politely). People are stupid. Even if they are completely without buffs you will find people who complain when you buff them.
- Reserve the right to refuse buffs / res. If someone can't be bothered to ask you politely either ignore them or let them know you don't appreciate being spammed with 'BUFF PLZ' and 'RESS ME!' When you choose to be in a party, people have the right to expect you to buff/ress them. When you are minding your own business grinding, people do not have that right.
- Be prepared to spend a lot of time meditating at lower levels. Unless your newbie cleric is a well funded alt character, you will not be able to easily fund buying the amount of MP pots endless grinding takes.
- Fancy glowing weapons look awesome, but you can live just fine without them into your 70's
- Always have at least a .09 blood alcohol content before going into an instance.

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