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- One nice point about clerics is that by the mid 80s, you will gain enough skill points to be able to max pretty much every skill you want. That said at lower levels it's important to focus on the right skills.

Healing Spells


Blessing of the Purehearted 2/10
Blessing is a single target healing spell with a long cast time and a low amount of healing. The most useless of the cleric's healing spells, it does has its moments. Well really just 1 moment, in my opinion. If you have a pause in action and someone needs a big spike heal, Blessing is a good option if leveled, as it builds chi cheaply and heals a large amount of hp for small mp usage.

Extended: In terms of heal strength, it's about on par with the Wizard's Morning Dew heal spell. And since Morning Dew should generally only be considered as a backup, when a Cleric needs assistance bringing a situation back under control (unless it's the only option available)…well…

Let's just say that this isn't going to be your primary heal if you want to be a successful Cleric. However…it IS nice to have around, in case your in a random party and someone's screaming for heals. Drop this on them once or twice, instead of something that's going to actually keep them alive in a pinch…and they tend to get the hint. ;3

I'd mention the Sage/Demon augmentations…but they're not even worth considering IMHO.


Ironheart Blessing 10/10
Ironheart blessing (IH) is a single target healing spell with a very short cast time and moderate healing power. IH uses a heal over time based on your magic attack rate, and its effects will stack up to 5 times, making it a great method of healing a tanking character. Max Ironheart Blessing as soon as you can.

Extended: This is going to be your primary heal spell for extended confrontations. Whether it be with mobs or bosses, this is our most economic and easy to use heal, bar none.

Be forewarned, however, that it takes about 3 seconds beyond the spells completion to begin to 'tick', thereby making it necessary to apply before the recipient has taken too much abuse. Try to slap one on a party member as soon as you see them starting to take hits, taking the necessary precautions to ensure they've been made aware of their assailant and have attained proper aggro. When preparing for tougher encounters, make sure to apply a layer of Irons before the tank engages, then apply more or less stacking as required.


Wellspring Surge 9/10
Wellspring is a single target healing spell with a short cast time and moderate healing power. Wellspring is a very useful healing spell for leveling, and also for healing lower HP party members in a hurry. A very valuable skill, but not quite as high a priority as IH.

Extended: Your go-to spell when things start to get a bit hectic. Economically, it's drastically inferior to spells like Ironheart Blessing, but makes up for that by being our fastest casting heal spell, and by trading some of the total recovery over time for an on-the-spot one-shot dose of HP.

Perfect for those situations when a DD steals aggro and starts taking big hits. And since chances are good that they're standing near you, and you're gonna be next on the menu when they go down…you're gonna wanna keep them alive if at all possible. Whether or not you can use this spell effectively is going to be a large factor in making that happen. It's ALSO nice to slip in between maxed Ironheart stacking, should you find that the tanks HP is still dropping due to large spikes in damage.


Revive 5/10-10/10
The name speaks for itself. Revive is the only skill in game that will bring a dead character back to life. It is single target, has a long channeling time, and has a heavy MP usage. For every level revive has, the target loses 10% less experience on being resurrected. Get revive to level 1, and only level it as you have spare points. It's a nice skill to max, but remember that because you can't cast it on yourself, it doesn't actually benefit YOU in any way.

Extended: Some people see this spell as just a way to salvage lost EXP after death. Others see this as a HIGHLY valuable tool for recovering from an otherwise certain party wipe. Especially if you decide to take the Demon path of Spiritual Cultivation, and manage to acquire the level 11 form of this skill. Sure…party members will love you forever and ever, due to the fact that they'll lose NO experience whatsoever, but the channeling speed is slashed in HALF. Combined with some -Channeling gear, an accomplished Cleric can turn an impossible situation after the tank goes down into a fantastic recovery. Massive awesome point bonus when you're the last one standing, tanking a boss and adds, and STILL manage to get everyone else back on their feet. 8D

…And if all else fails, at least higher levels of this spell will keep you out of range of the nasties when you go to peel everyone else off the floor. X3


Purify 1/10 early 10/10 late
Purify is a single target spell that removes any debuffs from the target. Early on purify isn't a priority but in the later stages of the game is is an absolutely vital spell. The higher the level of your purify, the lower the cool down time on the skill. Level purify as you have points - my suggestion is to aim for lvl 7 by the mid 50s.

Extended: Essential for handling bosses that inflict Curse or Armor Break, or to ensure Heavies don't die to magic DoTs…there's really not much to explain about this skill. As stated above, level it to reduce the cool-down (VERY important for tough bosses that spam the above mentioned status effects), and also to increase it's range…thus keeping you further away from the tank and ensuring that you take as few AoE hits as possible.


Chromatic Healing Beam 3/10-6/10
Chromatic is an AoE (Area of Effect) healing spell. It has a moderately long channeling time, has high MP usage, and recovers a moderately high amount of HP. Chromatic is the only AoE healing spell in the game other than Regeneration Aura. While the skill looks and sounds nice early on it's not worth leveling past level one early in the game. The slow casting time and huge MP usage won't be countered until higher levels.

Extended: Slightly stronger heal strength than BB at max level (and WAY stronger at level 11), with a larger range and without the added damage reduction effect, this is a spell more tuned to active Clerics that like to try to take a shot or two at the bosses when they see an opening. Also good for emergency situations where everyone is taking hits, and you don't have the time or sparks to setup bubbles.


Stream of Rejuvenation 0/10 early 9/10 late
Stream is a single target healing spell with a moderate channeling time, high MP cost, and massive HP recovery. While this skill will be a heavily used skill in your 70's on up, it's not worth focusing on early because of the high MP cost and the lower HP of the tanks you are healing.

Extended: Not much else to say. Massive one-shot heals with a weaker Heal-Over-Time effect. AWESOME for juggling heals and DD, max-level streams from a Pure-Magic cleric can easily pull a tank back from the brink of death. One of our best trump cards when Ironhearts just won't cut it.


*Ratings in this section are used only in comparison with the other skills in this section.


Elemental Seal 6/10 Limited use during a casual grind, but awesome for extended fights. Reduces your magic defense in order to also reduce the targets magic defense. More damage is seldom a bad thing.


Dimensional Seal 8/10 Great for helping Hercs and Barbs hold aggro, or for pumping up the damage from Plume Shots on a Magic Resistant mob. Reduces your physical defense in order to also reduce target's physical defense. Again, great for extended confrontations…but watch for Archer spikes. ^^;;;


Silent Seal 3/10-8/10 Not everyone will be a fan of this. Reduce your own magic attack by 50% to paralyze the target. Paralyzed targets are unable to move from their current position, but can still attack if you're within range. Truly a skill you won't appreciate until you level it and get some better range and a longer effect. Once you do though, it can be an AWESOME tool for keeping melee mobs from munching you or other squishies, or for assisting with a fast getaway during a bad PvP confrontation.


Chromatic Seal 10/10 One of the most powerful tools in our arsenal. Reduces your movement speed by 50% to put the target to sleep for quite a lengthy bit of time. Targets affected by sleep are unable to move or act, but are awoken by taking damage. Invaluable to an active Cleric, it also acts as an 'Interrupt' skill on targets that are vulnerable to it. Level it when you can for more range and DRASTICALLY longer effect.


*Note - my views on buffs may conflict with the commonly held idea and may be completely stupid. Just typing my thoughts till I can chat with some other clerics about it. The ratings in this section are only used in comparison with the other skills in this section.


'Vanguard Spirit' 10/10
Even with more overall physical defense points, you're never going to go above a certain percentage of reduction when dealing with same level mobs when going by general armor statistics. Stacking more points is the ONLY way you're going to decrease the damages done to you, and this aids in doing just that. Keeping in mind the laws of diminishing returns…even a 3-9% reduction on paper can lead to anywhere between 10-20% reduction or more in execution (kinda pulling numbers outta my ass here…but it's close enough). VERY important things to remember when determining a Cleric/Tank combo's survival capabilities. Level it and love it forever.


Greater Protective Aura - The Party version of Vanguard, this can be learned once Vanguard has been maxed. The effects are the same as lvl 10 vanguard but affect all party members inside a 15m radius and last for an hour.


Magic Shell 10/10
Read the notes about Vanguard. Now apply them to Magic Defense. Any skill that promotes increased party survival is essential. Capiche?


Aegis Spirit - The party version of Magic Shell, this can be learned once magic shell has been maxed. The effects are the same as level 10 Magic Shell but affect all party members inside a 15m radius and last for an hour. *Note* This skill is currently (and likely will always be) bugged. It will NOT stack on top of a previously cast Aegis Spirit.


Spirit's Gift' 10/10
Should be maxed as soon as possible. It increases the strength of the target's magic attack. Any self respecting caster loves this skill. Just watch your aggro.


Arcane Empowerment - The party version of Spirit's Gift, this can be learned once Spirit's Gift has been maxed. The effects are the same as level 10 Spirit's Gift but affect all party members inside a 15m radius and last for an hour.


'Celestial Guardian's Seal' 5/10
should basically be ignored until you have extra skill points. While it sounds nice, even maxed it only increases your recovery rate by 10 per second, which is far from the 50 per second you will get from your apothecary pots.

Nana's note: I love this for a long grind. Not only for the increased MP regen, but for the fact that I don't have to heal smaller, infrequent hits and can just leave it to the regen. Not necessary really, but nice to have. Besides…I'm too lazy and cheap to spend powders on a grind session. I save those for boss fights.


Exalted Renewal - The party version of CGS, this can be learned once CGS has been maxed. The effects are the same as level 10 CGS but affect all party members inside a 15m radius and last for an hour.

Attack skills


Plume Shot 9/10
Should be maxed as you go. Early on it will be your strongest attack skill, and at later levels it is your answer to increased magic resistance mobs, despite being your overall weakest attack skill. Makes lower-level Arcane Classes cry in PvP. Does low-to-moderate physical damage.


Great Cyclone / Whirlwind / Windfield 10/10
Should also be maxed asap. This is probably the most important attack skill you will get long term. While the damage starts out a bit low, increased levels of it + metal mastery will make it far stronger than Plume Phot, while also being one of our fastest casts. Does moderately high magic damage with a high range at maxed level. Also has a strong chance to slow the target, making it one of our best openers. Also a great finisher to try to kill mobs before they hit you.


Thunderball 4/10
A forgettable attack skill, in my view. It's our only DoT (Damage Over Time) skill but its damage just doesn't make it worth the skill points. It can be used as an opener during grinding, or also against bosses when you are acting in a support capacity. Does moderate to low magic damage + a set amount of DoT.

Nana's note: I maxed it for giggles, and have since been trying to find uses for it. Over all, the initial hit + DoT hits for a bigger total than Cyclone…but at the cost of more MP and a longer cast time. Not really worth it for shorter fights, but kind of nice for longer bouts when you want to try to avoid pulling aggro (though oddly enough…I've done so twice after critting with it XD;;;). Also of interesting note, DoTs don't suffer from the 'Uneven Combat Plane' penalty (I.E attacking a ground target from the air), so it does more damage overall than Cyclones or Plumes.


Razor Feathers 7/10
A very useful skill later on in the game, but at lower levels doesn't need to be leveled. This skill, like Plume shot, is also physical damage instead of magic, but does somewhat higher damage and also has the added bonus of being a long-range AoE. Essential for AoE grinding alone or in a group…though grinding that way is personal preference.


Siren's Kiss 5/10
At first, it's a significantly less powerful AoE (Area of Effect) attack skill than Razor Feathers, both in the fact that it's centralized (you're the epicenter of the spell, and the range isn't overly gigantic, meaning you have to literally be in the middle of a herd of mobs to get maximum effect). However, at later levels, with a maxed Metal Mastery, it does a sizable portion of damage. It also paralyzes targets for 3 seconds and goes off fast, making it a good escape skill if multiple mobs are chewing on you. Level it if you want…but unless you intend to AoE grind, it's not necessarily vital to level this skill.

Nana's note: Herding a bunch of mobs in FB19, or waltzing into the middle of the Skeles in the last room of FB29 and dropping this skill is just fun as hell. >W<


Wield Thunder 10/10
Our biggest normal attack spell. While it has a long cast time and a moderately long cooldown time, it makes a great 2nd skill in any 1v1 grinding set. Does very high Metal element magic damage.


Tempest 8/10
The Cleric's biggest nuke. Our second long-range AoE, this one uses 2 sparks, but deals enormous Metal element Magic damage and is practically guaranteed to slow anything that survives unless immune. Also argued as one of the strongest damage skills in the game…even if not usable that often.



Flight Mastery 0/10 or 10/10
Depends entirely if you intend to buy CS wings. Nuff said.


Metal Mastery 10/10
Increases metal magic damage by 20% Your biggest attacks are metal based. Do the math.

Bubble Skills


Regeneration Aura 10/10
Aka Blue Bubble or BB, this channeled spell forms an aura around your character that will continuously heal and decrease damage taken by party members within 15 meters, at the cost of essentially removing the Cleric from the fight (meaning they can no longer react properly if things start to go wrong). The best way to keep the whole party alive during a boss fight that AoEs when Chromatic Healing Beam isn't up to the task. It uses 2 sparks, as well as 500mp every 5 seconds. An important thing to remember is that BB can be interrupted if you take damage, so using it against AoE mobs can be tricky. Also note that using it too often may lead to 'AFKleric syndrome', so please use responsibly.


Heaven's Wrath
Aka Red Bubble or RB (not to be confused with Rebirth), this is our second channeled spell, and again forms an aura around your character that will increase attack rate, channeling speed, and weapon damage for any party member withing 15 meters. Great for indirectly helping a Veno keep their pets alive, or increasing overall damage output across the board when your own attacks and debuffs lack a respectable punch.

The Leftovers


Plume Shell
One of the strongest on-the-spot defensive skills in the game, this spell takes a portion of physical attack damage, and takes it out of your MP instead. AWESOME for dealing with troublesome physical mobs or classes. Level this ASAP to increase the damage it absorbs, while reducing the amount it takes out of your MP. Just…don't overuse it, or you'll often find yourself running on empty.

Lvl 79 / 100 skills - Available at a Cleric Trainer when the appropriate skill book is in your inventory. 79 skill books require 10 Inks (Available at the Tome Forge in Thousand Streams), and 20 Apocalypse Pages, while 100 skill books require Chrono Pages instead. Also of note, please be advised that you need 1 million Spirit per 79 skill, and 4 million for each 100 skill.


Guardian Light
One of our 2 defensive skills available at level 79, this skill creates a defensive barrier around the caster that reduces all damage by 60%, and increases our movement speed by 30% for 10 seconds. With a cost of 1 spark and 800 MP, coupled with a cooldown of 5 minutes, this is a skill reserved for truly desperate situations. However, you'll find few better defensive skills, as it casts instantly and doesn't devour . Awesome skill, and stackable with other defensive items and skills for further protection. It's a pain to learn, but once you do you're gonna love it.


Wings of Protection
The second of our 79 defensive skills, this one uses the same 800 MP and a small amount of Chi to instantly cast a barrier on the target that absorbs an amount of damage equal to 20% of their HP. What this means, for those unfamiliar with Winged Shell, is damage to the target is reduced by 80%, and the rest of the damage is taken out of the shields durability. Once the shield durability runs out, the spell breaks.

EX: Say the target has 4000 HP. Casting this on them will give them a barrier with 800 points of durability. Now, a mob that would normally hit them for 500 damage would instead hit them for 100, with the other 400 points coming out of the shields durability. This would mean that the spell could effectively reduce damage for 2 hits before wearing out.

An incredible skill. Especially in those tough spots where you need a few seconds to start dropping heals, need a moment for the tank to recover after a big damage spike, or for pulls gone wrong. Take the time to learn it. You and others that you work with will be thankful you did.


Seal of the God
One of the 2 targeted level 100 skills. Paralyzes and Seals 1 target for 15 seconds, while simultaneously reducing the damage inflicted to them by 90%. Only works on hostile targets (meaning no casting on a Wizard to protect them while people pull aggro off, sadly…). No experience whatsoever with this one, but it looks like it'd be amazing for pulling one mob out of active combat while you stabilize a situation. Costs 1 spark.


Elven Boon
The other targeted 100 skill, this one's, surprisingly enough, an addition to our limited offensive arsenal. On paper, the damage sucks. But between a fast cast speed, short cool-down, and the fact that it's a Metal-element magic attack, it should be fairly respectable in conjunction with Metal Mastery and skills that reduce Metal defenses (such as Demon Wield Thunder or genie skills). Potentially one of our highest DPS skill, it's also got a 50% chance to recover 500 HP to the caster (a good chunk, considering it's a spammable skill), and a 15% chance to Seal the target for 2 seconds. For those unaware, those afflicted by Seal status are rendered unable to attack, and better yet…mobs afflicted will turn tail and run until it wears off. Or so it all looks in theory…practice will be interesting.

Sage Demon Cleric Skills

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