Cyclotra Styren




Make sure that every one that is eligible takes the quest.
This boss is herc tankable, so decide beforehand whether the barb or veno would like to tank.
As you are killing the boss, he will spawn Glacix Dragoons (one at a time). These AoE, which makes them rather annoying.
Divide the squad into 2 groups, one to tackle the boss, and one to tackle the Dragoons.
Once dead, the "A Daring Rescue" quest can be turned in to receive the Faithfullness tag (85+ only)


Element: Water, weak Earth
HP: 840,352
Physical Attack: 1777 - 2132
Magic Attack: 2487 - 2984
Physical Defence: 1860
Magic Defence: Metal: 2303, Wood: 2303, Water: 3743, Fire: 2303, Earth: 1344 [2]

1. Thank you Escorian, for letting me use your pic :P
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