Daily Quests
  • Daily quests start from level 30. You can trigger these at 12:00am EST via various NPCs.

Crazy Stone

Crazy stone is a quest that is gives you a certain amount of experience and spirit points and can be attainable starting at level 30. This quest requires that you buy certain gem stones from any Merchant in cities or towns and turn them in for a reward. At lower levels, this daily quest can help speed up the leveling process immensely. Different NPCs are talked to trigger the quest depending on your level.


The quest is first acquired at General Summer, located in South District of Archosaur by the forges [521, 629]. He then tells you to talk to Hou Jenshi, located in the West District of Archosaur [530, 641]. The quest is then repeatable from here on everyday from her instead of General Summer. From there, Hou Jenshi will ask you to provide 5 kinds of gem stones to a certain NPC for the day, depending on your level. To buy the gem stones, one can go to any Merchant in cities and select the Gem tab on the top. Buy one of each of the following: 1 Shabby Alabaster Shard, 1 Shabby Aquamarine Shard, 1 Shabby Ruby Shard, 1 Shabby Amethyst Shard, and 1 Shabby Topaz Shard. Once you bought the gem stones, total cost being 2650 coins, the quest log will tell you which NPC you are supposed to take the gem stones to. Follow the quest log (all Crazy Stone NPCs are located in Archosaur, no where else), and once turned in, wait 10 minutes logged-on in-game time, and go back to Hou Jenshi for your experience and spirit point awards.


The quest changes a bit during these levels, where Hou Jenshi will no longer ask you for Shabby Shards, but Rough Shards instead. The Merchants do not sell Rough Shards. The method to obtain Rough of each shard, is to buy 3 of each Shabby gem stone: Alabaster, Aquamarine, Ruby, Amethyst, and Topaz. The total cost for this is 7950 coins. From there you head to the town's nearest Jewelcraftsman, and selected the Combine option. You click on the second tab Elmt and click the entire top row of the shards, pressing start to combine. Then, just do the same and follow the quest log towards the NPC chosen and go from there.


The quest changes even more, where Hou Jenshi tells you to talk to Tu Jo [532, 643] instead, situated nearby. She will tell you to obtain 5 of each of the same gem stones, but they are Blemished now. To obtain 5 of each Blemished, one will have to go the Merchant and purchase 9 of each Shabby gem stone, totaling up to 23,850 coins. Again, do the same and talk to the NPC given to you and wait ten minutes for your experience and spirit point awards.


The quest is still the same, but Tu Jo now tells you to get Common shards. Buy 27 of each Shabby shard, costing 71,550 coins total, and head towards the Jewelcraftsman to make the stones. Repeat and wait 10 minutes for your reward.


The shards required are still Common shards, but the NPC that starts the quest for Crazy Stone now is Tu Heng [533, 645] instead of Tu Jo.

Bounty Hunter

Once you reach level 40, you are able to do the bounty hunter daily quest. This is where you have to fight a certain boss monster (generally located in FB instances) to pick up an exp/sp reward. There are 3 levels of BH quest:
Bounty Hunter I: Gives the most exp and sp of the 3 BH quests
Bounty Hunter II: Gives the second most exp and sp of the 3 BH quests
Bounty Hunter III: Gives the least exp and sp of the 3 BH quests

Once you have completed a level I BH quest, you can turn it in and receive the level II BH quest. Once you have completed a level II BH quest, you can turn it in and receive the level III BH quest.
You cannot pick up more than one of each quest each day.
You cannot pick up multiple copies of the same quest (i.e. You can hold a BHI for fushma and a BH II for fushma, but not 2x BHI for fushma at the same time.
Hang around the BH to pick up a squad pretty quickly for most BH quests. If you are unsuccessful, you might find a kindly guildie prepared to help. But this shouldn't be expected.

PW School Teacher

Once you hit 40+, you can start the "Daily sign in" quest. Talk to the School Teacher NPC and take the quest. Hang around for 1 hour and talk to her again to complete it. Upon completion, you will receive an attendance sheet and a choice of bless box:


  • Bless box of attack: Adds +8 to your attack level
  • Bless box of defence: Adds +8 to your defence level
  • Bless box of both: Adds +4 to both your attack and defence levels

Attendance sheets can be traded in for perfect stones (1 per sheet) or 30 can be traded for an attendance ring. Both of these trades are done under the "goodie bag" option.

World Quest

Starting at level 70, one can obtain the quest from the Elder of Archosaur first, to get the Hairpin. From there, everyday the quest will be started at Li Mengpai [531,641], located in the West District of Archosaur where all the Crazy Stone quests happen. The world quest is designed to have 30 stops, which can all be auto-pathed towards using the quest log. It is strongly suggested that when you auto path, one sets the height control bar to the highest point to prevent mobs attacking and things that can block your way when auto-pathing. After the 30 stops, the player goes back to Li Mengpai for a reward of experience and spirit points. However, be warned that world quest really does mean world quest, where the player will fly literally to almost every area on the Perfect World International map. The rough path, judging that one stops at every NPC, is from Archosaur, to the three main cities, to Heaven's Tear, to Hidden Orchid, and from there, a counter clockwise path resumes, ending with the Merchant nearby Thousand Streams on the top left corner of the map. Stops can be skipped, up to 3 positions. For example, say you get stop 5 but all of the sudden, from talking to the NPC, you get stop 8. That is the maximum number that can be skipped. It is all random, so sometimes, one can get lucky and get 1-4-7-10-13-17….and so on. But sometimes, one can be very unlucky and stop at every single stop. Just keep in note that the World Quest will require patience, because you'll be flying EVERYWHERE.

World Quest NPCs

  • Start NPC - Li Mengpai - Archosaur West District (531, 641)
  • 1st Exchange - Tu Heng - Archosaur West District (532, 645)
  • Vol. 01 - Geography - Fang Pei - Archosaur West District (522, 648)
  • Vol. 02 - Political Atles - Mosar - Cambridge Village (228, 556)
  • Vol. 03 - The General - Old Hunter - Lumber Mill (498, 970)
  • Vol. 04 - Conventions - Merchant Chin - Village of the Brutes (218, 423)
  • Vol. 05 - Emperors - The Camellia Gardener - The Great Lake (458, 593)
  • Vol. 06 - Wraiths - Lady Lo - Hidden Orchid (586, 564)
  • Vol. 07 - Etiquette - Hsu Hsiako - Hidden Orchid (586, 567)
  • Vol. 08 - Ceremony - Winged Elf Tien - Archosaur North District (581, 685)
  • Vol. 09 - Archosaur - Kao the Musician - Allies Camp (621, 724)
  • Vol. 10 - Armory - Old Soldier - North of Angler's Village (655, 856)
  • Vol. 11 - Astronomy - Count Misfortune - City Of Misfortune (665, 968)
  • Vol. 12 - Commerce - Merchant Chen - Tradewind Village (431, 736)
  • Vol. 13 - Xenoworld - Swiftwind Recluse - Mount Burhan (357, 787)
  • Vol. 14 - Names - Sumor Camp Elder - Camp of Sumor (334, 827)
  • Vol. 15 - Elements - Blacksmith Yang - Sundown Town (123, 590)
  • Vol. 16 - Divine Moon Tales - Guard Hilardo - Dragon Wilderness (142, 641)
  • Vol. 17 - Frost City - Talon Member Chao - Dragon's End (284, 566)
  • Vol. 18 - Humor - Orphan Hong - Arrowhead Manor (434, 458)
  • Vol. 19 - Factions - Member of the Talon - Tusk Town (464, 339)
  • Vol. 20 - Calender - Great Scholar - Dreamweaver Port (666, 369)
  • Vol. 21 - Academia - Apothecary Wu - Dreamweaver Port (667, 374)
  • Vol. 22 - Folklore - Tough Man Tiehi - Village of Dreaming Cloud (547, 372)
  • Vol. 23 - The Fountain of Life - Hell Emissary - Village of Dreaming Cloud (549, 376)
  • Vol. 24 - Plume War - Young Man Hsiao - Whetstone Keep (539, 415)
  • Vol. 25 - Striders - Old Woman - Village of the Lost (639, 476)
  • Vol. 26 - Assassin - Shop Assistant - Sanctuary (640, 564)
  • Vol. 27 - Feng - Hsuhsien - Mountains of Morning Dew (654, 550)
  • Vol. 28 - Chinling - Pai Li the Painter - Fragrant Hills (664, 610)
  • Vol. 29 - Faiths - Foreigner - Fragrant Hills (642, 614)
  • Vol. 30 - Outer Land - Merchant Chin - East Barrier Village (182, 867)
  • Title of the Villa - Li Mengpai - Archosaur West (531, 641) [1]

OHT Daily Quest

Collect this quest from the Sage of Prophecy in OHT once you have completed the OHT quest chain.


Will be one of the following:

  • Kill 25 Skull Hunters
  • Kill Blackhole Devourer
  • Kill 15 Soulthrist Houdrex + 15 Dirtpool Crawler
  • Kill 25 Dream Inspectors


30k Exp and 6840 Spirit
18,000 coin
4 Tear of heaven

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