Decaying Fragrance



This boss has a short range AoE stun.
She also debuffs the tank with a physical resistance debuff (similar to the one Krimson uses). This must be purified ASAP, otherwise the tank will likely die.
It's advisable that the Barb tanks this boss, and it is not advisable for the herc to tank due to this debuff. [1]

Stats [2]

Element: Water, weak Earth
HP: 1, 487, 910
Physical Attack: 2407 - 2888
Magic Attack: 3369 - 4043
Physical Defence: 1968
Magic Defence: Metal: 2437, Wood: 2437, Water: 3960, Fire: 2437, Earth: 1421 [2]

1. Thanks to Escorian for the piccy
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