Name Dextar
Race Untamed
Class Barbarian
Level 57

Personal Information

My player's nickname is actually Rehdon, but in game you can call me Dex, Rehd or Rob (short for Roberto, my real name), whichever you like best. I am … hrmm … ancient, but I haven't lost contact with my inner child, otherwise I wouldn't be on PWI having fun with you guys! ;) I live not far from Pisa, Italy, be sure to pay me a visit if you ever go near the leaning tower :)

I have a lot experience with traditional (pen, paper and dice) RPGs, when it comes to MMORPGs I've played for a long time another one which finally got me looking elsewhere (too much grinding, althought some things were nice). I tried 2-3 and finally settled in PWI, which has been mostly fun so far. Glad to have found a home in Placid ;)

Game Philosophy

Dextar is my second character on the Dreamweaver server, and it was created almost by chance, just to see what this barb class was about. I found out that barbs are fun indeed, especially if played in a semi-roleplaying way (i.e. a bit recklessly :).


I started with a sort of balanced build, only to discover that I was missing STR to equip the Stash weapons … now I keep an eye on weapons requirements before distributing skill points! I'm also trying to master the fundamental barbarian skill to tank in the most effective way against all opponents. Still being reckless sometimes ;)

Crafting Skills

Not much of a crafter, really, but recently I improved the Apothecary skill to lvl 3. I burned so much money trying to get to Tailor lvl 4 that I think I'll only update Tailor and Apothecary:

Blacksmith: level 2
Tailor : level 3
Craftsman : level 1
Apothecary : level3

Kill list

Lest I forget all the bad guys I got to waste:

  • Slitt
  • Kimsa
  • Empyrean Slither

Got tabs for FB 59 too.

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