Name Dons
Race Wing elf
Class Archer
Level 49

Personal Information

See Ophida

Game Philosophy

I'm a cautious player and will tend to sacrifice a little damage for hp. Even this doesn't seem to work at times as I'll often be spamming pots or shouting for a res!


Dons is an off-pure Dex build. As with all archers, her ranged damage is far greater than close-up damage and will often have her accidentally pulling aggro. Currently, she is using the Sinnister Slingshot and level 4x light armour.

Crafting Skills

Due to having spent a lot of time and money investing in Ophida's skills, Dons' crafting skills are basic.

Blacksmith: Level 1
Craftsman: Level 1
Tailor: Level 1
Apothecary: Level 1


Ophida - Level 81 Venomancer
Rememdium - Level 3x Cleric

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