Herc tankable, and advisable for herc to tank.
This boss spawns Frost Bishops at random, which have an AoE + stun. It is therefore advisable for the group to concentrate on taking these out while the veno/herc team deal with the boss.
Cleric should concentrate on helping DD the bishops + group healing. BB is useless at this boss, as the Frost Bishops will interrupt channelling.
The boss also purges (debuffs) a target at random, so the squad will generally end up buffless by the end of this boss. Regroup and rebuff once he is dead.


Element: Water, weak Earth
HP: 879,260
Physical Attack: 1874 - 2248
Magic Attack: 2623 - 3147
Physical Defence: 1882
Magic Defence: Metal: 2330, Wood: 2330, Water: 3786, Fire: 2330, Earth: 1359 [2]

1. Thank you Escorian for use of your picture
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