Name Father Ted
Race Wing Elf
Class Worst Cleric ever
Level 92

Personal Information

Hi I'm FatherTed, Marshal of the Placid Guild on PWI. I prefer to go by my real life name of Matt though. I'm 31 years old, and I reside in the lovely US of A. At the moment I am employed as a professional ass kicker (I'm unemployed).

I started playing PWI regularly towards the end of April of this year, and when Dons decided to form a guild I jumped at the opportunity.

My main is of course FatherTed, a lvl 96 elf cleric. I also can be found on my barb HerroKitty.

When I am not grinding or dungeoning, I enjoy helping with bosses and taking long walks on the beach with my lovely wife Sukoshi.


Game Philosophy

I'm not someone who cares much about leveling myself, nor someone impressed by other players' levels either. While sometimes I get in a fierce mood to grind, typically I'm just as happy wandering around talking to people. My favorite aspects of PWI so far are the dungeon instances (except for TT 1-1 through 1-3).


FatherTed is a true cleric focusing on being as good as possible at both attacking and supporting. He is known to eat anyone claiming to be a full support or full attack cleric, as his favorite food is a weak player. His build currently is almost entirely magic with the needed str for equipment and 25 vit. That vit may go up in the future, however. Excepting thunderball, all attack skills are maxed; 2 of my 4 seals are maxed and the 3rd is getting closer; all healing spells except blessing of the purehearted are maxed as well, including purify >:D

When it comes to fighting, I adopt 2 different styles depending on the situation. For 'kill XX of these mobs' quests, I stick with a basic combination of whirlwind+wield thunder+whirlwind+plume shot, tossing in a chromatic seal sometimes against hard hitting physical mobs. When it comes to pure grinding, I've adopted the habit of aoe grinding against flying mobs (currently mothrans) using a combination of razor feathers, siren's kiss, and iron heart. Not a fan of using Tempest when it comes to leveling because of the spark usage.

Crafting Skills

Blacksmith = 1
Craftsman = 1
Tailor = 6
Apothecary = 6


HerroKitty - Barb

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