FF Friday

Sign-Up (26th March, 2010)

Ophida (venomancer) - Free all day I believe
opstank-I can do runs on Fridays as long as they start before 6PM EST.


Distribution should be agreed beforehand. The squad is commonly kept on random and everyone keeps the drops that are distributed to them. However, with the more expensive drops (gold items) it might be nice to sell and split, seeing as you are dealing with your lovely guildies ;)

  • Gold and green items frostcovered items (rare!)
  • Flawless shards (citrine, amber, sapphire, garnet)
  • The Past of Frostcovered City - Trade 1000 Pasts at the Martial Arts Master for a Vast Land (FC gold Bow) or Aquadash (FC gold glaive)

The repeatable quest line (85+)

A Daring Rescue

Start NPC Lin Yan
Mission #1 Locate the Frost Jail and talk to Shiner Nin
Mission #2 Kill the Cyclotra Styren
Mission #3 Speak to Lin Yan
Reward Item: Faithfulness

Evil Spreading

Start NPC Celestial Sister
Mission #1 Kill the Frozen Heads that spawn
Mission #2 Speak to Celestial Sister
Reward EXP: 9000, Spirit: 1800, Item: Sincerity
  • Exp and spirit is awarded per successful kill


Start NPC Frost Elder
Mission #1 Give the elder the faithfulness and sincerity tags gained from earlier quests
Reward Chest of Sincerity
  • Chest has a chance to give the following:
    • Scarlet Fruit (4%)
    • Mirage Celestone (5%)
    • Perfect Stone (x100) (40%)
    • ☆Auspicious Ring: Order (0.2%)
    • ☆Unicorn Spirit Ring: Order (0.2%)
    • Flawless Turquoise Shard (2%)
    • Flawless Citrine Shard (2%)
    • Flawless Sapphire Shard (2%)
    • Flawless Amber Shard (2%)
    • Flawless Garnet Shard (2%)
    • Flawless Alabaster Shard (2%)
    • Flawless Ruby Shard (2%)
    • Flawless Aquamarine Shard (2%)
    • Flawless Topaz Shard (2%)
    • Flawless Amethyst Shard (2%)
    • Chest of Coins (x2) (30.6%)


Tips & Hints




Key: (click on name for details)
1. Start
2. Thunderclaw
3. Diabolic Shocktrooper
4. Cyclotra Styren
5. Dreadindra
6. Asoteric Runewolf
7. Messenger of Fear
8. Oceania Master
9. Decaying Fragrance
10. Asotheric Runephoenix
11. Holeen

Squad + Roles

Barbarian: To gather up monsters for AoE and to tank some/all bosses
Blademaster: To stun frost bishops and groups of monsters as they reach the BB (cleric will draw aggro unless this is done)
Cleric: To keep the squad alive by setting up blue bubble during AoEs, and healing/purifying where needed
Venomancer: To tank some bosses (if they have a herc), to help AoE where needed, to increase speed of boss kills by using amp damage, to ensure that the cleric has at least one spark at all times (to recover BB if needed)
Damage dealers: To AoE where needed, to kill harpies (ranged), to kill bosses, to help keep fellow squad members alive

  • DDs usually include at least one archer or wizard, as these have powerful AoEs and ranged attacks to deal with harpies.



This isn't strictly necessary, but helps the run go a lot quicker. This is a tried and tested way that appears to work well, and is only here as a guideline. Feel free to ignore and go about your own methods should you prefer.

  • Ensure the team is fully buffed and the barb has bramble (and preferably a charm, although a few well timed pots should be fine if you deal with smaller AoEs).
  • Decide on where the cleric will be setting up the BB. This isn't necessarily where you are standing, as sometimes it's best to follow the barb a small way up the corridor and set up half way
  • The barb will gather the agreed upon number of monsters, avoiding dragons and frost bishops (these have a stun = death). While the barb is collecting, the cleric will set up BB and the barb will bring the mobs back to this point
  • When the barb arrives at the BB, the BM should use their stun skill to prevent the mobs aggroing on the poor cleric. At this point, the DDers will AoE and wipe the mobs out fast. It might be necessary for the barb to use the alpha male genie skill to ensure the squishies aren't killed
  • If a harpy is bought back, one of the ranged damage dealers should focus on this while the others concentrate on AoEing. In my experience, this is best left to the veno, as her AoE damage is weaker than the others and her AoEs have long cooldown periods

Dealing with frost bishops


Best way to deal with these is for the BM to run in and stun them (and the surrounding monsters). Once this is done, the group can AoE and get rid of them fast.

Hyper Exp

Frostcovered runs can be a great way to build up some exp fast. A lot of people choose to use hyper exp stones to further make use of this. The linked guide details when best to use them. [3]

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