Name Haruspex
Race Untamed
Class Venomancer
Level 78

Personal Information

Hey there, I'm Haruspex, more commonly known as Emily or Haru. While my account has been around since September of 2008, I have only been playing since August of 2009.

Previously I played FlyFF with some of the most amazing people in the world, including FatherTed and ukulele.

I live in Texas, down in the region most known for year-round unbearable weather. :D.

I am a screenshot whore - I take shots of anything and everything.

Game Philosophy

As I've leveled more, I've become a bit suicidal in my tactics, both in grinding and in TT, FB, and more recently, FC runs. Oddly, I usually manage to escape death in the most absurd of circumstances.


Haruspex is an arcane build, currently with about 80 Vit, 30 something (I think) Str, and 310~ Mag. This is with equips, of course. Vit and Mag both have some points added from armor, rings, belt, etc.
From the beginning, I added 3 points to Vit, 1 point to Str, and 6 points to Mag every 2 levels until I hit about 70 base Vit. I have since stopped adding to Vit and built up my Mag.
I use a Crystalline Magmite by the name of MrSmashy. I'm a firm believer that I have no need for a Herc. I'm not the primary tank in 99% of FB runs, unless I'm tanking 29, 39, or 51 for someone. For flying fights I do have a Petite Sawfly named MrStingy, though if what I'm fighting is a strong magic mob, I'll usually stow any pets and tank it myself.

Crafting Skills

Blacksmith = 1
Craftsman = 4
Tailor = 3… I think.
Apothecary = 4

Alternate Characters

Solik (Wizard) lv. 44
Odinn (Barbarian) lv. 20
Solida (Cleric) lv. 13
Brewery (Archer) lv. 10

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