Hyper Exp

Using this map and descriptions given should put your Hyper EXP time use down to 15-16 minutes per run, optimizing costs/EXP ratio during 12x Hyper EXP Mode.

It is wise to activate Hyper EXP when a [?] boss is at 40.000HP - 50.000HP. For all AoEs it is wise to activate when the first AoE is cast. Remember to only deactivate after the EXP is actually gained, sometimes there is minor lag between a kill and gaining EXP for it.


1. [?]Cyclotra Styren
2. Various monsters pulled from the hallway into the Dreadindra boss room.
3. [?]Dreadindra
4. Various monsters pulled from the hallway into the Asoteric Runewolf boss room.
5. [?]Asoteric Runewolf
6. [?]Messenger of Fear + various monsters pulled from the room before the Messenger of Fear boss room.
7. AoE all of the monsters pulled inside this giant room, excluding [?]Oceania Master.
8. [?]Oceania Master, do not deactive Hyper EXP Mode afterwards, kill all the [88]Frozen Heads first.
9. Kill [88]Frozen Head for 3 minutes after talking to the Celestial Sister.
10. [?]Decaying Fragrance
11. [?]Asotheric Runephoenix
12. OPTIONAL: AoE all monsters in sight. (Need a BM for this, to counter stun AoEs)
13. [?]Holeen, Champion of Fientazzar [1]

1. This guide was written by Rudy, first posted here: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=709052&highlight=frostcovered
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