Perfect World
Name Jamila
Race Untamed
Class Venomancer
Level 40
Name Amanda
Age 18
Gender Female
Location Somewhere in Missouri

Amanda Offline

Hello there~
I am Amanda and I like to play video games. ^___^ Just, you know… In case you though I secretly hated it. ^.~

In "real life" I'm an 18 year old junior in college (I went through an early acceptance program) majoring in Computer Science. Eventually I'd like to do some internet-based crime-fighting (not necessarily things like pirating… But things like major virus producers, large-scale information theft, major hacking attempts, etc). That's a pretty far way in the future, however, so my closer goals include working for the Peace Corps, teaching/studying in Japan, and general galavanting around this country and those neighboring it.

I have lots of hobbies, too! They include (but aren't limited to :3): anime, manga, Japan, other cultures in general, reading, writing, art, music, exploring, laughing, running around in the rain, fiddling with programs I shouldn't fiddle with, and ABJDs (aka: my other obscenely expensive hobby!).

Perfect World & Me


I first found Perfect World around two years, when I played the Malaysian-English version for quite some time. Though I had fun fiddling around with the game for a little while, the lack of GM moderation and general simplicity of hacks chased me off after not very long.
When PWI was scheduled for release several months after that, however, I jumped on the chance! I played the game for a few weeks once it was released, getting myself to the mid-20s or so. At that point, I invited several of my friends from school to play and enjoyed helping them out while I had the chance.
Unfortunately, after I received my mount at level 30, I slowly began to lose interest in the game due to my lack of people to play it with, in general… By level 35, I had grown tired of silent grinding, and stopped playing.

Then, one night, about a year later… *dramatic music plays in the background*

I was sitting around with someone who had recently had some issues with the staff at WoW and he asked me about similar games. The first thing that came to mind was Perfect World, and after bragging to him about the game for a while, I realized how much I had missed it! So that night, I re-downloaded the client, made myself an account, set up an adorable new venomancer, and restarted my Perfect World adventure. :3

This time around, I've got a different set of friends playing and a wonderful guild, though—So I'm very hopeful that this round will be a lot better!


For me, online games are meant for you to have FUN in! If it's not fun, I'm not going to play… Period. That being said, I play PW at my own pace. Sometimes that's obscenely fast, but other times it really slow.
I like helping people out, achieving my goals, and getting shiny things.
I also highly enjoy making characters that look out of the norm! I get tired of seeing a bunch of skinny white chicks with big boobs and gothy makeup. That being said, you'll probably notice a pattern of weirdness in my characters. ^.~

As for being in battle… Well, I'm a Venomancer at heart. I sick my tanking pet on monsters and proceed to magic the crap out of them whilest he distracts them! It works pretty well for me. :3

  • Build
    • Strength: (Current Level + 8)/2
    • Magic: Current Level x 3
    • Vitality: Everything Else
    • Dexterity: 5


My pets aren't really defined yet, but in the future they will go here~! <3


  • Everette

Class: Blademaster
Level: Low

Build: Dual Hammer
  • Strength: Current Level x 3
  • Magic: 5
  • Vitality: 3pt/2lvls
  • Dexterity: 1pt/2lvls
First off… You should know that Everette is one of my favorite character designs. She's muscular, has relatively small breasts, has giant hips… And has a bright blue mohawk. :3 In fact, she's so masculine that people who are offering to carry her somewhere have to ask what gender she is! That being said, I'll move onto the important stuff.
Everette was the first alt I created, before I even joined Placid, but my two goals for her remain the same. First off: to look awesome, which she accomplishes daily pretty well. Secondly, and more seriously, she was created specifically to be a large asset to my chosen guild in Territory Wars when she was a high enough level. Though she's low-level now, duel-hammer BMs can be very useful in TWs, so my goal for her is to eventually be a high enough level that she's great in that sort of combat, and a huge addition to my guild.
  • Camine

Class: Cleric
Level: Low

Build: Pure Magic
  • Strength: Armor/Weapons
  • Magic: Max
  • Vitality: 5
  • Dexterity: 5
Camine was one of those characters that was created out of a vague necessity… I had been wanting to create a cleric for a while, mainly because it really just seems like everyone should have one. Though initially I intended for my cleric to be female, what it really comes down to is that it's very nice to have at least one male character that can carry female characters… And thus, Camine was born. His name comes from the doll molds of one of the companies I really like—Though they look nothing alike. :3

Crafting Skills

  • Apothecary: Level 2
  • Tailor: Level 1
  • Blacksmith: Level 1
  • Craftsman: Level 1

Other MMOs I've Visited

I like to describe my mmorpg addiction with the following phrase: "I go through them like candy!"
It's really not an understatement, either… Here's a vague list of the games I have tried at least once—games that are bolded are ones that I played for a significant amount of time:

  • Flyff
  • Luna Online
  • RF Online
  • S4 League
  • Dofus
  • Dream of Mirror Online
  • Ether Saga Online
  • Furcadia
  • GhostX
  • Holic Online
  • Maplestory
  • Street Gears
  • Subeta/Neopets
  • Ragnarok Online
  • Requiem: Bloodymare
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