Name jonnykins
Race Human
Class Suicide Wizard
Level 84

Personal Information

'allo to all, I'm jonnykins (More commonly known by Jojo/jonno/jon) I am the former faction Director but stepped down due to starting college, so I am currently one of the guild Marshalls. I am also one of the admins on our guild website so I activate your accounts and do general modding duties. I'm 21 years old and from Lancashire, England. I am currently a college student studying Computing, Psychology, Accounts and Maths. I mainly enjoy playing games, drinking at the old local and playing poker

I too was dragged here by my feet by Ophida (Dons) in April, of which shortly after she created the guild which I was held at gun point to join. I originally made a Blademaster with my usual in game name of jonno which I got to 51 and start this wizard (I'm a mage at heart)

This is of course my main now, currently a level 84 Wizard jonnykins, if I'm not on jonnykins most likely I'm not on, but I live on msn alot.


Game Philosophy

My game philosophy (If I know what that means correctly) is go all out attack, hence my siggy. I rather throw caution to the wind when it comes to dungeons and I'm not afraid of a challenge. In my past game I was known for having a full int mage character too. When I want to be I can be one of the hardest grinders in the guild when I feel like it (Which is not often), otherwise I'm relaxed and chilled out.


jonnykins is an all out damage dealer, with quite a nice crit rate to go with. He is stupidly weak in a 1 vs 1 pvp situation due to his lack of vit build, but a crit can hurt from him. His build is all out magic (Even took VIT down to 3) with the exception of the minimum STR requirement. When it comes down to the killing I find using a nuke skill (Glacial Snare or Sandstorm) then pyrogram and gush as my main skills I use, which help in only recieving one of two hits from a mob at the most.

Married to


Crafting Skills

Blacksmith: level 4
Tailor : level 5
Craftsman : level 5
Apothecary : level 4

If you need any help with crafting EQ and I'm ingame feel free to whisper me and I'd be happy to help

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