Name Kiraxk
Race Untamed
Class Venomancer
Level 64

Personal information

Hello, My Name is Kiraxk or Roxi for short.
I'm 19 years old and live in Oklahoma. I'm also half American and half Puerto Rican.
I prefer to be called Tammy when I'm on-offline.

I've been playing PWI for almost a year now and still don't understand half of it.
My main is a veno. I also play on my others like my psy or sin.

The name Kiraxk comes from a name I made up for a KH character I made. Same goes for Roxi but from DMC.
Kiraxk is pronounced (Key rax) The last K is silent. And Roxi is (Rocks e)

When I'm not grinding or farming I like to take screenshots of my characters at different times and places.

Game philosophy

I enjoy playing with others. I think it's great when I get random squad invites for bosses or just killing a certain number of mobs. I don't think when I attack. As long as the thing dies, I'm good. I do like to plan out FBs and BH etc though. Even though I don't grind much but I still like to walk around and help anyone who needs it.


Kiraxk is my special veno. She can tank with her pet in some battles and pull mobs. She doesn't have the top armor or weapon but whenever the opportunity comes, she will take.


Images coming soon
Heartless wolf- Los Lobos. Ever since I got him around lvl 24, I never let him go. He does great in battles. I use him everywhere I can. He is the longest pet I had
Snow bunny- Usagi. A lovely friend caught her for me and she is adorable. Still low lvl but I'm getting her to lvl up. She is my back up bunny. I use her when I'm farming near lower lvls.
Death dancer- Soon to be named. I could never stick with underwater pets. I might get a different one later.
Panther- Salem. Named after my black cat Salem. I ride him around the land collecting herbs or when I need to get from point A to B.

Twisted Plaground

Image coming soon


Images and descriptions coming soon
SirenRose- Archer
ArturoXXIII- cleric
MadamMirage- Psychic
MinstrelTide- Psychic
MiasmaTears- Assassin
NicholasHunt- Wizard
NinaIcewing- Venomancer

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