Name Lythianaa
Race Untamed
Class Venomancer
Level 89 and loving Demon


Lythianaa's real name is Horace, but most people online call him Horsea. (Yes, it's the pokemon :D) In Perfect World International, people refer to him as Bob. He is currently 19 years old, second year Wildlife Fish and Conservation Biology major in college. He was born, raised, and live in San Francisco, CA. Some of his most favorite hobbies include swimming, drawing, watching anime, reading, going online, daydreaming, playing games, hanging out with friends, and listening to music while clouds drift by. He often gets distracted very easily, thus ranging from being a dull individual that will rarely talk, to a crazed talk-a-holic that will not shut up. Bare with him if it gets really annoying, but he does claim to be an introvert. He is currently single in life, and loving it, although he his married to LordFluffy, Kira's barbarian. He calls her Fluffkins as a cute nickname. However, everyone must know that HE IS A GUY. No matter how "girly" or weird he talks in chat, he a guy regardless. Horsea tends to type like a girl sometimes for some strange reason.

PWI history

It was a boring summer day in August of 2009. Horsea was browsing the web, reading his daily online manga. A certain advertisement struck his eye as he glanced from page to page. Perfect World International…..seemed fun. It was mentioned as a Free to Play MMO, and that was what piqued his interest. Clicking that ad, going to the website, and reading about the game information, immediately caused his mouse cursor to hit the download button. After playing for a few minutes, he realized that this game was probably the game for him. Very soon, addiction spread like a disease and Horsea was therefore, engulfed in the game of Perfect World International. He is still a total noob to everything about Perfect World International, so patience is recommended when dealing with the poor guy.

Why a venomancer? Horsea browsed forums and found that it was the strongest soloing class and he loved having a pet by his side to help. Trouble was, only females. Well, did not seem to be a huge problem for Horsea, because through testing the venomancer with two characters and experiencing low and high levels with the third, his fourth venomancer that he created was born as his main: Lythianaa. Do not get confused, which you probably already are. Horsea owns venos with the love of the name Lyth. There is Lythiana, Lythiaana, and now Lythianaa.

Game Philosophy

Lythianaa believes that all gaming should be played for fun, and only fun. He extremely despises competition and people that outwardly brag, as he has had horrible experiences in the past regarding this. That is why, Horsea has buckled down to the belief that games are there solely for the purpose of fun, especially in MMOs where everyone individually builds their own character to their own liking. There is no right or wrong, strong or weak, but only a unique character that everybody can be satisfied in. Plus, with friends online and faction mates, there are multiple ways to have fun instead of just pointlessly grinding to beat one another. Over-competitive folk really angers him, as he finds them immature. It is only a cycle of fiery competition that never dies. No fun in that. Play a character to your liking and forget those stupid ones, that is a way to do it.


Lythianaa, being a female character, will be referred to here as a female.

Lythianaa is an arcane robe venomancer, with 9 points into MAG, and 1 point into STR every 2 levels. She got most of the advice for builds from the Perfect World International forums. Therefore, she is rarely seen transformed into a fox in battle. But, with the conversion to demon, Fox form has been utilized much more for speedy Amps, Myriads, and all that good stuff. Otherwise, this beauty can be seen out in the land grinding and questing on mobs with her beloved pets. She is still fragile to many physical attacks. Because her user, Horsea, is unable to have quick reactions, she rarely engages in PvP. Rather, she prefers the PvE style and just kicking back, chatting with faction mates. Lythianaa is extremely friendly and easily approachable, ready to help with quests anytime.

Her methods of killing single mobs are simple. Send in her trusty pet and spam venomous scarab, throwing in random lucky, blazing, and ironwood scarabs. When swamped with mobs, it comes down to noxious and sparks. Otherwise, she just runs for her life. Horsea is not yet accustomed to quick damage, so Lythianaa has no choice but to flee. But, PvE does not serve to be that much of a problem with the arcane build, and definitely does not serve much of a threat as a demon.

Her Pets

Lythianaa, being a female character, will be referred to here as a female.

Where would Lythianaa be without her pets?

Jabba: Named after an adorable Star Wars character (sarcasm), this fat tub of lard is Lythianaa's tanking friend. The name was brought about with much difficulty, choosing between Snorlax, or Alfred. But Jabba seems to work. A great thanks to Horsea's housemate and Addy for ideas on a name. One can see Jabba helping Lythianaa out plentiful times and will always see him by her side getting rid of those annoying monsters that want to lay a finger on her. Lythianaa's a huge fan of AoE grinding as it seems and with a fat chunk of meat by her side, there is just no way she will let down the chance to aggro over 10 mobs at once and blowing them all away with a single blast. Her genie, armed with Bramble Rage, enables more AoE grinding efficiency. Jabba is her main tank pet and whenever someone needs help, they're bound to meet this friendly fatty.

Pinchy: As one could have guessed, this Scorpion was tamed at level 2 right outside the City of the Lost. The funky name comes from Horsea's roommate, who always names his beanie baby scorpion "Pinchy" instead of "Stinger". It can be seen following Lythianaa some of the times, helping to kill those repetitive quest mobs. When one hears the distinctive squeaking, they'll know that the trusty Scorpion of hers is doing its best to keep Lythianaa in one piece after battle. Armed with Bash, Flesh Ream, and Debuffs, this guy is essential to damage dealing. However, it must still be leveled.

Boris: Although stuck on her other veno, Boris is her favorite and absolute best friend. This hunk of volcanic rocks was named by one of Horsea's best friends, a pun from Horsea's real name and crude inside joke. Slow but nonetheless, Boris gets jobs done at Lythianaa's request. With his two meant to aggro skills, Bash and Flesh Ream, he can tank, damage deal, and definitely sacrifice himself to save her cheeky butt anytime. Bought at the level of 18 from a cat shop in the City of Lost, this friendly golem can be found following her all the time. If one needs help, Boris is always by her side.

Havok: Given to Lythianaa by Addy, this adorable little pig is used to take down air mobs that just always have to be in the quest log.

Crafting Skills

Blacksmith: Level 5
Tailor: Level 6
Craftsman: Level 5
Apothecary: Level 5

Horsea is more than willing to help anyone with decomposition or manufacturing of equipment. Just send him a message.

MMORPG History

World of Warcraft
Adventure Quest

When not on Perfect World International, Horsea can be found on: Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Magic the Gathering, The Last Remnant, Stepmania, Bioshock, The Sims 2

Alternate Characters

Lost_Iris: After an extremely long decision, the blademaster was the class chosen by Horsea to become the alternate character. Beautiful and strong, this BM can stab one in the eye if not careful with her spears. Planning to go Pole, Axe, and Fist.

Sylvannias: The Lvl 20 Psychic. No time to play on it now since Lythianaa is trying to get back up to lvl 80+ However, this might be the 3rd character.

Lythiaana: 81 Venomancer, the 3rd in Horsea's veno creations. However, from much boredom, stat screw-ups, and a Herc on Lythianaa, it is now stuck at lvl 81 :3

Surely a lot of writing, and Horsea definitely appreciates you for reading all this. Free hug anyone? ^-^

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