Name Maho_
Race Untamed
Class Venomancer
Level 81

Personal Information

Hi, I'm Laurie, and I'm the Director of Placid guild on Perfect World International, Dreamweaver server. I'm a 26-year-old female living in Georgia, in the southern United States. I majored in Fine Art/Graphic Design in college, and occasionally share my work on my DeviantArt accounts. I'm currently unemployed, but I'm working on that. DJ (Sukoshi/Sanuye) is my boyfriend, even IF he's married to Matt (FatherTed) in-game! D:<

My gaming experience started when I was probably 4 or 5 years old, with the original NES. My two older brothers were obsessed with video games, and I followed in their footsteps. The first game that really grabbed my interest was Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, on the SNES, which led me on to Action/Adventure and RPG genres of games. I played only console games until 2007, when I was introduced to FlyFF, a f2p MMORPG. I spent nearly 2 years playing FlyFF, and then moved on to PWI with a group of friends, most of whom are in Placid now.

As Placid Director, I moderate the guild forums and help to organize Boss Hunts, guild events, guild banks, and various other responsibilities. The position of Director allows me to add new members, banish current members, promote members to ranks as high as Marshal, and to give members nicknames. In the event that Ophida (Dons) is unavailable, I act as guild Leader.

Game Philosophy

I usually play support-based classes in MMOs, and Maho_ is the first main character I've had that is primarily attack-based. I am a very cautious player, and have a knack for surviving party-wipes. I definitely have an instinct for self-preservation, but most of my deaths are caused by my intense desire to keep others from harm. I hate to die, but I hate for others in my party to die even more, especially if there is anything I could have done to prevent it.

For me, respect for other players and guild members is mandatory. I abhor kill-stealing, afk-leveling, botting, hacking, etc., as they are disrespectful to the gaming community as a whole.

As for leveling, every type of MMO is different for me. PWI has much more to offer in side-quests and time-killers than a pure grinding game, so I do not feel the need to focus entirely on leveling. I typically plateau at a certain level for a while, working on alts or just socializing. I'm almost always willing to help with Bosses and FBs if I'm not otherwise occupied.


As an Arcane Venomancer, Maho_ is not built for tanking. She has 50 Vitality base, a little extra Strength beyond the minimum required for armor, and the rest of her stat points are in Magic. I may restat to a Light Armor build in the future for PvP purposes.


In FB/TT/Boss situations, it is my primary job to provide pulling and pet tanking of bosses. Arcane Venomancers can also function as damage dealers, but do not kill at the speed of Clerics or Wizards, so it is imperative that they refrain from pulling aggro as much as possible — they cannot tank the hits and cannot kill the mob/boss quickly enough in most instances to keep from being either killed or taking a lot of damage. Sometimes, of course, pulling aggro is unavoidable, but I try not to as much as possible. In situations where the mobs/bosses are a good deal lower than I am, I will intentionally pull aggro to protect lower level squad members. I will also transfer Sparks as often as possible to any Barbarians in party to keep up their Chi.


When I am leveling, I tend to use Lucky Scarab to stun mobs, and Venomous Scarab as my primary attack skill while Lucky Scarab cools down. If I am AoEing or pull aggro on more than one mob, I will "juggle" my pet between mobs to keep aggro on the pet and AoE with Noxious Gas. I will occasionally use Parasitic Nova as well. I rarely ever use Sparks while grinding, as it is more likely to cause me to pull aggro away from my pet.


Pets are integral to any Venomancer's success in PWI, and most of us become quite attached to them. Here are my partners in crime!


Thanks to the generosity of several Placid guild members, I was able to acquire a Baby Hercules at level 70. He is primarily used for all ground-combat and pulling, and is thus the pet I use the most. He is named for the former professional wrestler, Jimmy Snuka, because he drops elbows like nobody's business.


Nugget was my first tanking pet, after I finally learned that my Darkbreed Wolfkin was incapable of tanking, well, pretty much anything. I got Nugget when Maho_ was around level 20-30. Although he is not in my Pet Bag, he served me very well for nearly 50 levels and remains stowed in my bank for safe-keeping.

Celestial Plumpfish

The newest addition to my Pet Bag, he has yet to be given a nickname. He is a great water pet and much less annoying than the Undine I used to use.

Elysium Fowl

A replacement for my Petite Sawfly (which was unable to tank mobs 30 levels above him, imagine that), I captured my Elysium Fowl to help me through the endless flying mob quests in the 70s and 80s. He needs to be leveled to catch up a bit, but he will do until I am able to afford a Phoenix.


Apothecary: level 5
Craftsman: level 4
Blacksmith: level 1
Tailor: level 1

Alt Characters

NomNom, level 53 Barbarian
Band_Aid, level 38 Cleric

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