Messenger Of Fear



Herc tankable. Advisable to let the herc tank this one too.
This boss has a random sleep debuff, causing the target to be unable to move or attack.
It also has a fairly hard hitting AoE.
If the barb is tanking, he should be prepared to heal himself from time to time while the cleric is sleeping. If the veno/herc is tanking, the cleric should keep an eye on her and purify when they can (dead herc = unhappy veno).
The cleric should throw out party heals from time to time. BB is useless thanks to the sleep debuff.


Element: Water, weak Earth
HP: 1,463,278
Physical Attack: 2291 - 2749
Magic Attack: 3207 - 3848
Physical Defence: 1947
Magic Defence: Metal: 2410, Wood: 2410, **Water: 3916, Fire: 2410, Earth: 1406

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