Nien Beast Summer Event

The Nien Beast Summer event happens everyday during the summer (do not know the exact dates) at 4 PM EST and 9 PM EST. Level prerequisite is 50. The quest can be triggered at the center of the walkways of North, West and South Districts of Archosaur from the Elder of Astral Light. Once initiated, you will obtain a Festival Invitation that will allow you to talk to various NPCs to gather contribution points. This item lasts for 15 minutes within your inventory and once expired, you may no longer talk to the NPCs. Just like a Party Quest at Rotfish Trench, there are player rankings and prizes are awarded according to your rank and points gained. Click on the Astral Elder once more with the option Nien Attack!. From there, you can check on your rankings in contribution points based on class and overall standing.

There are two methods to gain contribution points. One way is to run around, talking to Princess Jianning from the North outskirts [558, 700], Fei from the West outskirts [512, 662], and Chu the Pretty Lady [548,612] from the South outskirts. Each has the quest titled Trial of Patience, in which you can choose to wait 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes. After you wait the certain amount of time chosen, you talk to the Elder of Astral Light for the reward: a contribution package and incense of fortune. 1 minute grants 40 contribution, 3 minutes grants 150 contribution, and 5 minutes grants 300 contribution. The incense itself can be traded in to the Altar in the North District right where the Elder is at for some free buffs for one hour, but each are worth 10 contribution and can only be used at North District. Remember, that you can talk to the NPCs only while you have the Summer Invitation so make sure you watch the timer.

The other method is to contribute by killing the event monsters scattered all throughout the outskirts of Archosaur, west, south, and north. There are different types of Nien Minions that you can encounter: lvl 50 ones, lvl 65 ones, and lvl 75 ones. Each type differs in strength, so match up accordingly to your own level and start killing. It does not matter which ones you kill, because the higher level ones will grant more contribution points. However, it is strongly recommended that you kill ones equal to or lower than your level or squad up, because it can get difficult. Otherwise, there will be a counter in your quest log, or somewhere on your screen when you triggered the Nien Attack quest right from the start. It will count the total Nien Beasts that have been slain, 2010 being the total that must be killed before the Nien Captains are summoned. The Nien Captains are much stronger, with a higher amount of hp and there are three of them. One is located in the Northern Outskirts, another in the West, and the last in the South of Archosaur. Proceed to eliminate them. The more damage you do, the more contribution you gain. Be warned again, make sure you have your computer set to the lowest settings. It is massive lag. After all the Captains are killed (you will be notified), the final bosses appear: the 5 Nien Beasts. The Nien Beasts have a massive amount of hp and are located in the following places: 1 in the Western Outskirts of Archosaur, 1 in the Southern Outskirts of City of the Lost, 1 in the Southern part across the bridge in the City of Plume, 1 located right outside the Southern gate of Etherblade, and 1 that I think it is in the City of Raging Tides (correct me if I'm wrong).

Finally, once these are all dead, your rankings will be finalized with a random number from 1-2000. The grand total will be ranked based on your individual class. Prizes include the following:

Rank 1 - 10 Summer Festival Packs

Rank 2-5 - 10 Laced Reward Packs

Rank 6 - 10 - 10 Heavy Reward Packs

Rank 11 - 15 - 10 Rich Reward Packs

Rank 15 - 20 - 10 Full Reward Packs

Anything else below, you get 100,000 Exp and a training estoreca that you can use to get 50% more exp and spirit for one hour.

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