Name Ophida
Race Untamed
Class Venomancer
Level 90

Personal Information

Ophida is played by me, Dons, a 28 year old biochemist from Oxford, UK. When not on Perfect World, I can probably be found making proteins for a company or doodling away making forum sigs for fellow guild mates (if they ask nicely). I sometimes even spend time with my lovely boyfriend!! I also enjoy listening to music and will often broadcast what I'm listening to over our guild ventrilo server. I'm a big fan of live music and go to see loads of bands play live. Some of my favourite to date have been Pendulum, The Offspring, Queens of the Stone Age, Franz Ferdinand, Radiohead and Muse. Come summer, you can often find me moshing around in a field somewhere to the sounds of a band at a festival (Glastonbury!!!).

Game Philosphy

I'm a firm believer that games should be played for fun. Therefore I'm quite a laid-back guild lead (when I actually hold that title). People won't be booted from the guild if they don't level quickly! Take your time, learn things, help people and have some fun! There's enough stress in the real world without bringing it into games too. This doesn't mean that I don't strive to achieve what I can from a game. Indeed, I have big ambitions for Placid and would love to see them achieved one day!


As a player, I am a HP hoar! I'll often sacrifice some damage for a little extra health. This is probably due to my suicidal nature! There's nothing more fun that taking a few knocks during a fight and being able to walk out of it alive. You can be sure that HP pots are hotkeyed on all my characters! I'll admit, I'm not a great PvPer, I do enjoy it though and will throw myself into the fight as best as I can - sometimes I even win!

Ophida is a sage arcane armour venomancer. She has a decent amount of vit in her build for 2 reasons:

  • To help her survive when I'm feeling suicidal
  • To intentionally lower damage and prevent her from drawing aggro from the pet

Until I got some sage skills, this strategy worked out fine. With the increased damage from the new skills however, I am drawing aggro more regularly. I am considering restatting to a fox form melee build at a later date (99+).




Often affectionately referred to as "Fatty", this golden tub of lard is Ophida's bodyguard. His high pdef and mdef makes him ideal for tanking everything land-based, and allows Ophida to tackle bosses that would otherwise flatten her with ease. Although his base attack level is not as high as some of the other pets, he holds aggro pretty well through the use of the reflect skill together with his level 5 bash.



This little dude is a volcanic magmite, from deep in the depths of Firecrag Grotto. He is primarily used as a damage dealer and will be used in preference to lover during wraith invasions. His level 5 bash and flesh ream make short work of monsters and allow me to take credit for most kills - handy when up against those 9x ksing archers! His high pdef means that he is also a good back-up tank should all else fail!


Pic to come… stalker is a baby blazing phoenix - a new addition to the team thanks to some very generous birthday presents from some guild members, and a few months of collecting phoenix feathers with whatever spare game cash I could manage! He flattens anything that dares get in his way with his sharp, fast pecks and maxed fleshream.


Pic to come… Poison is Ophida's original pet! The first one ever captured and tamed way back when she was a little baby venomancer. I'm currently levelling him up due to his high atk rate. With bash and fleshream levelled on him, he should make a pretty fierce foe to anyone that dares attack me in the pk rooms in the cube - damn them!



MrWaddle was supposed to be called MrWaddles, but the stupid naming system wouldn't allow that many characters. Until such a time arises, he will remain MrWaddle… Anyway, this guy aids Ophida in water combat. He has been especially useful in BH69s, using his howl skill to reduced the mdef of the turtle and make for a quicker kill. He has also proved useful in helping members of the guild with their underwater bosses such as Dragon of the Depths, a tricky level 60 water elemented boss.

Craft Skills

Blacksmith: Level 6
Tailor: Level 6
Craftsman: Level 6
Apothecary: Level 6

Married to

jonnykins: Long-term friend from a previous game.

Alt Characters

Dons - Level 5x archer
Rememdium - Level 3x cleric

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