Name PlacidBank
Race Wing Elf
Class Cleric
Level 1


Placid bank is the storage character for the guild. She holds onto money donations and other things such as ammo and pet food. Consumables will be bought from players that have no need for the items and sold back to the guild members at a discounted price. A little money is raised for guild purposes along the way, so everyone's a winner!

Ammo Store

This drops regularly and sells for crap if NPC'd. When archers buy it from NPCs, the costs can mount up. Therefore, rather than NPC it, the guild will buy it from you at a greater than NPC price. For those that want to buy it, the guild will sell it for half the NPC price. So that everyone can benefit from this, please buy only what you need. This only works if people use it regularly, so please donate to/purchase from here!

Ammo Buy For Sell For
Woven Fang Arrow 1 1
Falcon Feather Arrow 2 5
Phoenix Tail Arrow 5 12
Bone Bolt 1 1
Iron Bolt 2 5
Triple Bladed Bolt 5 12
Iron Ore Shot 1 1
Lead Shot 2 5
Explosive Shot 5 12

Items can be donated by sending a mail to the guild bank stating whether you are selling or donating the item. Alternatively, ask Ophida or Maho_ to log into the storage character.
Items can be purchased by asking Ophida or Maho_ to log into the storage character.

Pet feed store

As with the ammo store, the bank tries to put aside some key food items that our venos might need to upgrade their pet storage space.

Food Buy For Sell For
Hay 3000 4000
Meat 1000 2000
Fruit 1000 2000
Fungus 1000 2000

Remember, we can only help you with what we have, so send those donations in!

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