Kiraxks wonderful world of Psychics


To the wonderful world of psychics. Another magical class added to PWI back in 2009. Prepare yourself for very colorful attacks.


Psychics have a similar build to the venomancer.
Anyone is free to fixed this


Psychics have a variety of skills that are colorful.

Aqua impact - deals water damage and has a change to slow the enemy. Useful when attacking from afar since you will be able to cast more spells.
spirit blast - deals earth damage.
Tide form- just like the untamed have a were form, tideborn can transform into mermaids. Increases defense and swimming speed, only available in water.
Black voodoo - will increase your attack but lowers defense. This is one skill which I find not very helpful since Psychics are a magical class.
White voodoo - just like black voodoo, but white voodoo increase defense and lowers attack. Very useful when soloing.
Soul of Vengeance - causes mobs to receive a certain amount of damage after attack. another useful soloing skill.
Torrent - deals constant water damage
landslide - deals earth damage and can knock back targets. Can be useful when you add aqua impact.
bubble of life - recovers HP of yourself and nearby squad members. This skill should be with you when there is no cleric around and can help you and your squad.
Aqua cannon - deals water damage and has a chance to slow the enemy
sand trap - deals constant earth damage
Soul of Stunning - Stuns mobs upon attacking
Aqua Spirit - increases waterspells
Earthen Spirit - increases earthspells
Diminished Vigor - reduces targets power of recovery.
Glacial Shards - Deals water damage to surrounding mobs and has a chance to stun
sandburst blast - creates a sandstorm that attacks surrounding mobs and can lower accuracy.
Soul of silence - silence enemy
Empowered Vigor - increases recovery rate
disturbed soul - increase spell channeling time
soul burn - Each time the enemy deals damage, it takes damage equal to your soulforce.
Tide Spirit - gains water element power and increases magical attack
red tide - deals water damage to surrounding mobs and has a chance to cause bleed
earth vector - deals earth damage to surrounding mobs and has a chance to stun
psychic will - makes target immune to psychical damage for a short period
Soul of Retaliation - reflects negative stats back to the mob

Armor and weapons

The only weapon available to them is the soulsphere. The soulsphere is the only weapon Psychics can use and is only made of psychics.
Psychics have armor just like venomancers.
The first two sets Psychics gets are special arcane wear only for them and is obtained by quest.

Apothecary skills

I find this useful for psychics since you can have HP boost and and element boost.
Make sure you start collecting herbs since they will be useful later on.

Final notes

Psychics are like any other magical class but with only earth and water element base attacks.
Be prepared to have MP pots.
Make sure you have bubble of life just in case the cleric is helping someone else.
Psychics are kinda like venomancers but without pets.

Kiraxk - Anyone is free to edit this if they have better info.

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