Name Serasana
Race Human
Class Wizard
Level 46

Personal Information

I'm Ricky/Orpheus, I've only been part of Placid since late August but I know I've found my Guild for PWI. Traditionally I've prefered playing tanks and healers in most of the MMOs I've played before. I did start out with a cleric in PWI too but for some reason I felt like seeing pretty colours and numbers flying across the screen instead.


Serasana is an arcane robe Wizard using a stat distribution of 9 magic, 1 strength every two levels.

Craft Skills

Blacksmith: Level 3
Tailor: Level 3
Craftsman: Level 2
Apothecary: Level 3

Possible Item Drops

These items are rumoured to be dropped upon killing Serasana. However, seeing as there has never been any confirmation of these drops it is assumed the chance of obtaining an item is miniscule and therefore it is pointless in trying to farm these items.

  • 1x Yukata
  • 1x Newbies Guide to legging it from angry monsters
  • 5x Random Dust
  • 1x Rabbit named Thumper
  • 3x Useless Herbs
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