Name Tauvri
Race Untamed
Class Venomancer
Level 40

Personal Information

Hi! My name is Nicolás, and I live in Córdoba Argentina. (That's South America for you! :O!) I'm known within the guild and Flyffworld as "nips" and sometimes Nancy, BR or nico (Hazel and Haruspex mostly call me that way, since we also played Flyff along with ukelele). I prefeer to be called Nips, btw >:[.

I'm currently preparing to get to medschool so my activity sometimes could be limited, I'm a huge procastinator, so sometimes I'd whine about grinding and the lack of quests and repeating ''plvl plz'' over and over.

I started playing PWI by the time of the open beta, (What was it, august 2008?) then quitted when the beta was over. I came back last June (or something D:) and then met Haruspex who suggested me to apply to this guild (Yea, she's the one to blame! D:<)

Character Bio

Well I chose "Tauvri" for my veno beacuse that's what a character from Flyff was named. I took the name from a game called "FreeSpace" (Which was «Taurvi» but I mistook it for «Tauvri» luls me)

She's my first character in PWI and my favourite by far.

Game Philosophy

Whenever and wherever I can, I try to play in squads, sometimes it makes time go faster and of course, quests get done faster too! But some other times I'd try to do everything I can by myself so I don't bother anyone, or because the players around don't have a basic grasp of engrish. D:


With my veno and my golem (Turel) I like going pew pew pew erasing everything within my range… and sometimes (not very often) getting erased in the process ):

My equip would probably make everyone cry, just Robe of the Tamer and an NPC staff (yes NPC D:) I've yet to find a way to make money and upgrade my gear, but as of now I don't seem to need it (even though I whine about it) and when the time comes, I'll probably change one thing or two.

I do not expect to have wtf glowy armor and weapons right now, too.

I also want to level up my Veno so I can actually help other guildies with their bosses, FBs, etc.. Because as of yet I've only received help, yet haven't returned the favor (I will I promees!)

Crafting skills

Tailor- LV 1
Crafstman- LV 2
Apothecary- LV 1


Turel Lv 36 Torgin Brave
Freezer Lv 19 Glacial Walker
(Soon to be caught and named) Zephon Lv ?? Seaguardian Monster


Melchia Lv 2x Cleric (Also in guild)
Killiac Lv 5 Barbarian (luls)
Anfimixis Lv 30 Psychic (was in guild…)
Jadugarr Lv 8 Wizard (also, luls)

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