Name Tekril
Race Tideborn
Class Psychic
Level 54

Personal Information

Greetings, my IRL name is Jesse White, and I am from the great US state of Ohio. I usually go by the name of "Lerk" to my fellow FlyffWorlders. I am an amateur lineart artist, keeping myself busy drawing characters that me or my friends make up when I am not on PWI. I also enjoy anime and related hobbies, and occasionally roleplay around my message board RPG. Together with a few friends and acquaintances, I have the hopes of one day creating our own MMORPG.

I played PWI very briefly when Dreamweaver first came out, but I have since created a second account which I'm mainly playing on now.

Character Information

Tekril got his name from a character from my message board RPG named Tekril Lerkaph, who in the story was a barely-humanoid experimental mutant created from one of the RPG's carnivorous species of fish.

The PWI character himself has lime green hair, black eyes, and an insanely flamboyant pink Shining Feather set, sans the gloves and boots.

Game Philosophy

When I am on, regardless of character, I strongly prefer to be referred to as the character I am playing, even by gender, unless I need to be referred to directly in real life. I do not see this as full roleplaying, so I do not consider myself a roleplayer. I also tend to try to give my characters all unique looks, and generally try to be creative about it.

I'm usually seen playing PWI with my best friend, who is known in this faction as Kamui.

I am not a PvPer in any sense of the word, but I have been known on occasion to try my abilities out on Tekril and other various characters when I'm bored enough. If I win, I'm a bit surprised.


Tekril is a full Magic Psychic with enough strength required for equipment. He is played aggressively, and tends to die when I'm careless with him. Since I created and have been playing him since the Rising Tide expansion came out, I have been testing and experimenting with him whenever he is logged on.

Craft Skills

Blacksmith: 1
Tailor: 1
Craftsman: 3
Apothecary: 1

Alternate Characters

Bijorin - Level 54 female Cleric: My alt in Placid. She joined way before Tekril did, as Rising Tide wasn't out back then, so Tekril wasn't born yet. Also the first character I created when I returned to PWI.

Ekna - Level 3X female Archer: A character that has grown on me. I'm not too fond of Archers, but she just looks badass.

Eldires - Level 2X female Assassin: The token Assassin I wanted to try out when Rising Tide came out.

Gaoran - Level 1X Barbarian: A fodder Barb I made so I could have every class on one account. Still trying to think of a use for him.

Narafuna - Level 2X Venomancer: This Veno I'm trying to find a theme I like with. I'm currently debating on whether or not I should go with a steampunk theme(the botique set and a Mechrab pet) or not.

Fladme - Level 2X female Blademaster: This character started out going sword BM, but I decided against it a few levels in. I also have used 2 makeover scrolls on her so far(via account stash), and have settled on her current appearance.

Elvarin - Level 2X male Wizard: Originally intended to be my newest main character in PWI after I returned. But after I heard about Rising Tide, that quickly changed. I still intend to level him eventually, however.

Majra - Level 1X male Blademaster: The very first character I created on the Dreamweaver server back when it first opened. In my opinion, his character design looks very menacing, and I sometimes level him when I'm playing alone.

Kikisha - Level 1X female Cleric: I made this character on Sanctuary before, but when I decided to move to Dreamweaver when it opened, I took her character design with me. Now she's a light armor Cleric.

Kadran - Level 2X male Archer: This character was initially my main character in Dreamweaver. He was in a very active and helpful faction before, but that faction was very inactive when I returned to PWI. I got pretty bored with the Archer class however, and he has been inactive since.

Nasha - Level 1X Venomancer: This character was created in conjunction with Kamui's Venomancer, Fasha. They both look identical, except for different hairstyles. Nasha has very short hair, while Fasha has long shoulder-length hair. We've been planning to play up the "twin" aspect of these characters someday, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Erychea - Level 1X female Wizard: Despite her wicked appearence, I was going for a water/support Wizard with her. Still in the process of it.

Suserak - Level 2X Barbarian: My favorite character on my first account, being a panda and all. Unfortunately, I messed his build up by adding too much vitality too early(about 60ish at level 20), so he'll need some leveling to balance himself out.

Minek - Level 1X female Blademaster: Secondary Blademaster in my original account. I wanted to try 2 Blademaster builds to see how different I could get them while still being effective.

Sekra - Level 1X Venomancer: Trying a melee fox form build with her. Mainly strength and magic, with a bit of dex on the side. Searching high and low for reduced requirement and statted equipment for her as well to see if I can somehow keep armor and weapons at her level.

MMORPG History

Fly For Fun: I was known as a character whore on this game, having a total 48 non-mule characters, with up to a half dozen of those active per day. I quit till something that interests me is implemented in Flyff, which I doubt will be soon.

ROSE Online: I started this before Flyff, but count Flyff as my first MMORPG because I only played this for one week, as back then it was a pay-to-play game. I came back to it a while ago, and leveled to about 64. I had a Dealer.

Luna Online: I played this since a week before the closed beta ended up till the 3rd level cap was implemented, making it to level 60. I had an Infantryman.

Mabinogi: I tried this for a few weeks, but quite a few things frustrated me with it, particularly how quickly your character ages.

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