Tips For Catching Rare Pets
  • Turn up to the spawn point early! This way you'll be sure you haven't missed it and won't waste your time.
  • Purchase -channelling gear. You'll be up against a lot of venos who all have the same purpose - to capture that pet! So make sure you have equipment that can give you an edge.
  • Get relentless courage. This is a genie skill that reduces channelling time. Get it, use it, love it!
  • Use windrage incense. This is a potion that decreases channelling time. It requires apothecary skill level 3 to make and level 45 to use. Recipe: fleece-flower root x20 + Elcampane x15.
  • Hotkey the things you need. This will eliminate any faffing around when the pet spawns.

My personal set-up is this: inwyki.png KNOW YOUR SET-UP - accidental killing is so disheartening (speaking from experience).

  • Keep an eye on what's going on around you. Spawn points are approximate, and not exact locations. Therefore, the pet may spawn behind you or something crazy.
  • Level your tame pet skill. The higher it is, the higher your chances of success!
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