Name Tyy
Race Elven
Class Cleric
Level 7x

All About Me

My Character

She is a fashionista. She loves to change clothes 6, 7, 8 times per run.


Craft Skills

Blacksmith: 5
Tailor: 5
Craftsman: 5

Alternate Characters

Tyygra 2x Veno

MMORPG History

Lord of the Rings Online: I have played this since beta. I have two characters to level 65 decked in the latest end gear. I have a Minstrel and Hunter
Warhammer: I was in the beta for this also. I have a level 40 witch elf.
Aion: I was in the beta for this also. This is my significant others passion right now.
Age of Conan: I was in the beta for this one too. I enjoyed my level 5x HoX alot but the games was so broken it was/is hardly playable.
FFXI: This is how I got started in MMO's. I loved this game. I had a 5x white mage/black mage.
World of Warcraft:
Star Trek Online:

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