Name ukulele
Race Untamed
Class Venomancer
Level 80

Personal Information

Rick (1987 February - ????) also known as ukulele in the game Perfect World, is an American citizen of Philippine descent, and recent graduate of the University of Florida, where he obtained a degree in materials science and engineering. After obtaining his degree, Rick went on to be unemployed. As of recently, Rick can be found playing PW, practicing guitar, learning Tagalog, and not applying to graduate school.

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In-game Information

Game Philosophy

I generally prefer to solo my way through the game, however I do enjoy instances where everyone is at or near the same level. I'm not a big fan of sitting back while other people do the work, so I typically end up being behind with my FBs and cultivations. Though I normally solo, I'm more than glad to lend a hand to people who need it.

Character Build

Ukulele has an arcane build, with most stats going into INT. Some stats were placed into VIT (35 in total), with the remaining stats going into STR (to satisfy equipment requirements).


Playing Style

I'm generally laid back, and I prefer casual gaming. However, I do have a weird, masochistic, asian side that enjoys monotonous grinds, so sometimes I can be found doing countless OMAs.

Crafting Abilities

maybe later

An Unnecessary Display of School Pride

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