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The venomancer is the magic class of the untamed and can only be played in female form. She has the ability to "tame" pets and use them to aid in battle. Depending on the choice of pet, it can be used as a tank or just to aid in damage dealing (DD). Because the pet will often take the majority of blows when levelling, venomancer repair costs are often low making them a relatively cheap class to play.


The venomancer is a versatile class which can be played very differently depending on the build you choose. The veno is one of the few classes that can successfully use arcane armour (AA), light armour (LA) or heavy armour (HA).

Arcane armour build:

Low phys def, Very high magic defense, high hp.
STR = (Your level + 8) / 2
MAG = (At least Your level x 3)
VIT = (Remaining points)
DEX = 3
This build can be customised by removing points from VIT and putting them into MAG instead, for higher damage output vs lower survivability.

Light armour build:

Decent phys def, decent magic defense, low hp.
STR = (Your level + 4)
MAG = (Your level x 3)
VIT = 7+, depending on leftover points.
DEX = (Your level +4)
This build doesn't include enough points to add into VIT, so unless you get a lot of armor with +hp, your hp will be quite low.

Heavy armour build:

High phys defense, high magic defense, low hp.
STR: (Enough to wear heavy armor 3-4 grades lower than you - equates to (level - 10 or 20) * 2.5 +2)
MAG (Your level x3)
DEX: (Enough to wear heavy armor 3-4 grades lower than you)
VIT: 3 (Or however many points are left over.)
NB. This build dosen't become effective until 80+


How much vit you add is entirely up to you. Venomancers get 12 HP per VIT point, so many venos strike a balance between HP and damage and cap it fairly early.
Pros of adding VIT:
More HP, can be the difference between life and death in some situations
Less damage, reducing chance of stealing aggro from pet

Cons of adding VIT:
Lower damage, therefore things take longer to die.

Venomancer Skills

The venomancer skills tree is grouped into 2 parts: Human form skills and Fox form skills. She also has a variety of buffs and debuffs. These are all outlined on the linked page.


Pets are a venos best friend! They can be adapted to suit the levelling style by using different pets and teaching them different skills. Pet skills are detailed on the linked page.

Popular Pets

Phys def pets

  • Crystalline/Volcanic magmite: These have always been popular amongst venos. High physical defense, decent magical defense, high HP, high attack, although a little slow moving.
  • Glacial Walker: Slightly lower P.def, but slightly higher M.def and attack to the magmites. Has a higher growth chart than the magmites so difference will show more at higher levels.
  • Eldergorth Marksman: Has a ranged normal attack (if skills are turned off). Good P.def and speed, hence a good pulling pet.

Mag def pets

  • Antelope pup:

DD pets

  • Dark Wanderer: High attack and DPS.
  • Varicose Scorpion: High attack, but lower DPS than DW.

Flying pets

  • Petit Sawfly:

Water pets

Rare Pets

These spawn less frequently than regular pets, and tend to have better stats than regular pets

Name Level Skill Respawn Coordinates

Snow Hare

20 Sandblow lvl1, Pierce lvl1, Shriek lvl1, Boost lvl1 1 hour 469, 921 & 95, 810


9 Toxic Mist lvl1, Shriek lvl1, Boost lvl1 12 hours 240, 555 & 196 513

Shaodu Cub

20 Fleshream lvl1, Pierce lvl1, Pounce lvl1, Tough lvl1 12 hours 200, 452 & 288, 458

Tabby Plumdrop

20 Fleshream lvl1, Howl lvl1, Pierce lvl1, Slow lvl1 12 hours 362, 690 & 397 619

Cuddly Pup

40 Bash lvl1, Fleshream lvl2, Threaten lvl1, Slow lvl2 12 hours 315, 753 & 299, 764

Windwalking Piggy

30 Bash lvl1, Howl lvl1, Tough lvl1, Boost lvl1 12 hours 403, 643 ↑36


60 Bash lvl1, Flesh ream lvl4, Pierce lvl2, Howl lvl1 12 hours 462, 427

Armored Bear

80 Bash lvl1, Threaten lvl2, Pounce lvl2, Tough lvl5 12 hours 628 624

Tips for catching rare pets can be found on the linked page.

Legendary Pets

  • Baby Herculese:
  • Blazing Phoenix:

Useful tips

  • Tome: It is useful to equip a tome as early as possible. This will stop your pet from being hungry when it is out, meaning you no longer have to feed him. However you will still need to keep some pet feed on you, as if you let your pet die it will lose loyalty.
  • Mrs. Zoologist: She is located in South East Archosaur (and an underwater version in the dock area of East arch, opposite the Elder). This NPC sells books for upgrading pet skills, books for learning pet skills, pet collars (to change your pet's name) etc. etc. It is worth familiarising yourself with this NPC and item prices.
  • Pet manager: You can trade 100 source of force for 100 phoenix feathers and vice versa, by taking the appropriate quest at this NPC.
  • Levelling pets fast: You can level land pets quickly in room 4 of the cube of fate. Air pets can be levelled at staunch worms. These monsters die in one hit and give your pet maximum exp/kill provided loyalty is over 500. You must be patient though as this is awfully boring.
  • Pet Skills: Select the dominant skill on a pet by right clicking on it with the mouse until the cream box appears around that skill. Can turn all skill off by right clicking on the skill that has the cream border until it disappears.
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