Weekly Events

Boss Day

Boss day is every Saturday, all day. This is the day where we do our best to help our fellow guild members to kill those monsters that are not so easy to kill alone. Sign up on the list to ensure you get the help you need!

  • Because this is aimed at helping everyone in the guild, EVERYONE is asked to help out where they can
  • If someone is unable to help at that particular moment, be patient! This day is about HELPING guild members out, NOT making them drop what they're doing at that moment in time. Let those gracious enough to help do so in their own time
  • If you are unable to get your boss killed that day for whatever reason, please be understanding. Someone will try to help you as soon as they can after boss day
  • Some bosses are a lot harder to kill than others. Fact. This means that it is best to kill these for a group of people around your level that need it. For certain bosses, you may be asked to wait until we have multiple members needing said boss. This minimises repair costs and possible exp loss from deaths
  • Make every attempt to find a party on your own before signing up here. While the guild wants to help, self sufficiency is vital to success as well
  • Respect the fact that guild members might not always be available when you are. If you are signing up for a boss and it is absolutely VITAL that you get it done on a boss day, try to work out a good time beforehand.
  • Daily Bounty Hunter bosses should not be listed, please. It's almost painfully easy to find parties doing those.

TT Tuesday/Thursday

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days we encourage our members to take a little time out from their busy schedules and spend some time running dungeons with their fellow guild mates. TT equipment is generally considered to be the best easily obtainable gear in the game, and many people will invest a lot of money into getting it. We want to help ease this cost a little by running the dungeons on a regular basis to help our members to get the gear that they require.
Let us not forget that there are also a number of quests that take place in these dungeons, each of which give a significant amount of rep and exp!
Please sign up to show your availability for the runs that you need.

FF Friday

Forgotten Frostlands (sometimes also abbreviated to FC) is generally considered an easy source of exp. It is full of groups of monsters + bosses which can pose a decent challenge and provide a lot of fun! There is also a quest that can be taken daily by people level 85+, that gives rewards such as flawless shards and mirage stones. It is therefore worth running from time to time, and provides a great way to bond with fellow guildies.

World Quest Race (70+, bi-weekly)

Anyone level 70+ is invited to participate in a race to see who can finish the world quest first! Prizes will be decided based on participation and awarded to the winners.


  • Everyone gathers at stop 1 (Tu Heng) and takes the quest. We will form into parties and when the organiser says, the race begins. It is your job to complete the quest before everyone else.
  • No teleporting/using tele stones/incense will be allowed - hence the fact we will be partied. Anyone seen jumping form spot to spot will be disqualified and shunned for being no fun.
  • Any speed pots/skills are welcome and in fact encouraged to be used. Mounts/flying are suggested (remember to top up your flying mount's chi for added haste!). It is also suggested that everyone try to get on Vent cause these things tend to lead to all of us cracking up.
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