Wizards the human magic class. They are damage dealers, they excell in dealing massive amounts of damage with their spells, known to be the highest in the game. Using their elemental advantage over mobs to ensure this happens. A wizard can also heal an ally very quickly, the heal can with the right skills heal massive amounts of HP.


As a wizard there are a few builds which can help you level, these are the main ones with a few pros and cons to each one

Arcane Armour

9 MAG / 1 STR (Every 2 levels)


  • Lots of damage
  • High MP pool/regen
  • Better Magic resist


  • Very squishy
  • Low HP

Light Armour

6 MAG / 2 STR / 2 DEX (Every 2 levels)


  • Higher HP than that Arcane Armour
  • More critical hits
  • More defense than Arcane


  • Less MAG means less damage
  • Low MP pool/regen

Arcane Hybrid

7 MAG / 1 STR / 2 VIT (Every two levels)


  • More HP than the Arcane
  • More comfortable


  • Less damage than the arcane
  • Still kinda squishy
Jons notes:

With my wizard I had 20Vit at the start as a base, but that changed when I was around 4X when I took it all the way down to 3 Vit. Totally pure build but I never cared about dying


The choice of which weapon to use is your personal choice. Here are the choices available to use as a wizard


Wands are generally little things, don't look that good but they have the advantage of steady damage. The next to no spike in damage keeps it this way. Generally not used till higher levels as the gold lunar wand one of the best weapons to use for any mage class

Magic Swords

Quirky that a sword can be used for magic but there are some in this game. One of the most popular choices for weapon for mage classes as you get that little wide range of damage but it isn't too low or high. With this it is the most popular choice and not forgetting they look great!


The other popular choice, they generally have stats that make them the best choice to use as a mage class as the bottom line damage is higher than the sword despite the higher spike damage.


The least popular choice for weapons for all mage classes, the spike damage is generally too high and can go really low too. With that the unreliable damage not not that attractive stat bonuses they are normally the last choice on a mages hand.

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