World Quest Race

World Quest Race (70+, bi-weekly)

Anyone level 70+ is invited to participate in a race to see who can finish the world quest first! Prizes will be decided based on participation and awarded to the winners.


  • Everyone gathers at stop 1 (Tu Heng) and takes the quest. We will form into parties and when the organiser says, the race begins. It is your job to complete the quest before everyone else.
  • No teleporting/using tele stones/incense will be allowed - hence the fact we will be partied. Anyone seen jumping form spot to spot will be disqualified and shunned for being no fun.
  • Any speed pots/skills are welcome and in fact encouraged to be used. Mounts/flying are suggested (remember to top up your flying mount's chi for added haste!). It is also suggested that everyone try to get on Vent cause these things tend to lead to all of us cracking up.

As we continue to do these events, we will keep a running tally and at the end of a 3 month cycle, a grand prize will be given out.

All participants get 1 point.

1st Place gets 5 additional points
2nd place gets 4 additional points
3rd place gets 3 additional points
4th place gets 2 additional points
5th place gets 1 additional point

For example, after 1 WQ race :

FatherTed came in first for 5 points + 1 point = 6
jonnykins came in 2nd for 4 points +1 point = 5
Serria came in 3rd for 3 points + 1 point = 4
Ophida came in 4th for 2 points +1 = 3
Elviron came in 5th for 1 point +1 = 2

All other participants get 1 point.

Each race will have prizes. Depending on the number of participants the prizes will vary though.

Please sign up in advance!

Those who don't sign up will certainly be allowed to participate, but this will help us have a rough idea of how many people will be there.

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