Name XxLady_XelxX
Race Winged Elf
Class Kamikaze Ninja Cleric: BAC-Type
Level 86

Personal Information

…Do you honestly think any self respecting Kamikaze Cleric Ninja would reveal ANYTHING personal about themselves!? Keep dreamin', slick! Or just keep readin'.

A Mid-Level Cleric, Xel (Also known as 'Nana') is the product of necessity, forged when a severe lack of Clerical help in an old faction left our poor Bebo and Beba in a fix when it came to Boss Days. Granted, they stepped up to the challenge better than most in their position would have…but still. Being restricted to the 'easy stuff' because all the healers were off having a grand ol' time isn't exactly the best for an up and coming Barb champion. And thus, the rough and ready Blademaster known as Nanayo was traded in for a class better suited to support. And thus, XxLady_XelxX came to be.

…Okay. That's a lie. It was actually when me, Bebo, and Beba all got bored and decided to reroll Elf classes. But that doesn't exactly sound very noble, now does it. But I DID keep up with the Cleric to help them out! Honest!

Right from the start, a better knowledge of the game allowed for better preparations when it came to skills and equipment. Thus, the early levels were much more of a breeze than they would have been for one new to the game. Of course…the occasional Training Esoterica, and some help from a higher level Barb and Veno combo certainly didn't hurt either.

Eventually, personality conflicts in our old faction would lead the 3 of us to make the jump to the Placid faction. And the rest…well…you guys can figure it out.

Gameplay Information

All MAG! No VIT! Screw defense…I has healz!

…That's my combat mindset in a nutshell. After all, a dead mob can't hurt nobody. And if I can't tank the hits, I find someone that can! And that's not hard if you know where to look. ;3

But what about squads, eh? Well, despite slow-as-hell reflexes, I'm not too shabby in a pinch. All that MAG stated for firepower turns into some crazy healing capability. And when combined with Genie Skills and Sparks…I'll be damned if I let someone die if I can help it. Hell, I have NO problems whatsoever setting up Regeneration Aura and burning a few pots if it means we get through a fight without any casualties. I've got my pride, after all.

Of course…this is all assuming I'm both awake enough to catch said incidents as they're happening, and at the helm of a machine that will let me do my job properly…cuz lag sucks for EVERYONE when the Cleric's the victim of it. T_T

For grinding and quests…it's all about taking down the mobs FAST. There's a reason I invest so much time, effort and resources into my equipment, and there's a certain satisfaction to be had when you're dropping mobs in 2~3 less hits than that other Cleric grinding the same mobs. Oh…and did I mention the buckets of MP and repair costs you save when you don't have to Ironheart repeatedly during each encounter? It's niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Kinda like a Wizzie, but with boobs. And heals. And Revive. *Drools*

And on the topic of Wizzies…if you didn't know that I'm in competition with Wizzies like Jonnykins and Sanuye, well now you do. Yes…I understand that I won't see the same numbers with the same equipment and whatnot…but I don't care. It's still fun as hell.

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